8 Ways to Keep Potential Customers on Your Website Page Longer

It’s sad going over your website, checking the stats, and seeing how poor it’s performing. Rather than worry about how to convert visitors or make them last longer on your page, you can go to work putting clear measures in play to turn the situation around. 

Setting up a website helps to put your business out there and shows you’re ready to get going. Think of it like window shopping but this time, you want potential customers to step in, visit other pages, and do more than visit. This is why most companies engage in content marketing in a bid to drive traffic. But the bounce rates are not that encouraging.

The bounce rate describes a situation where a visitor goes on your page and quickly leaves without going through any other page. To reduce your bounce rate, you have to figure out genuine ways to keep potential customers longer on your website page. Thankfully, this article has come up with 8 viable ways to help with that.

1. Ensure You Have a Speedy Website

It’s all good having the best project management tools and all you need to boost staff output. But all that will go down the drain without a website that loads fast. With a slow website, you’re looking at discontent on the part of your potential customers. To battle this, you can try to minimize image sizes, JavaScript, and other parts of your website. Still not working? Check your hosting. If you use cheap options, the speed may affect the rate of your conversion.

Page loading speed is one of the determining factors website visitors consider. Nobody wants to spend minutes trying to visit your page. And when they do, they’ll leave as quickly.

2. Create Attractive Images, Lists and Graphics

You want a situation where a visitor goes “wow, I love this!” and heads to similar pages for fun and business. Visuals are essential, and if your website isn’t catchy enough, your business will suffer. Going over dull pages is never an appealing prospect. What’s more, you want to make a great first impression with awesome-looking lists, pictures and graphics. For instance, if you run a paper writing service, you need to create engaging content to keep that potential customer staying longer. This way, chances are they’ll use your services.

website retention

3. Audience/Buyer Personas are Important

An excellent way to keep visitors longer on your website page is actually to anticipate who’s visiting. Therefore, audience/buyer personas are essential. Get hold of vital information about things your potential customers love to read and see. Engaging content is only as good as the persona you’re trying to pull. Consider things like demographics, interests, and other information. Keep in mind that you can have as many audience personas as you can manage. All you have to do is tailor your customers’ desires in the content you want to produce.

4. Create Catchy Headings

Sometimes all you need is a heading that instantly grabs the attention of potential customers. With a heading that’s intriguing and awesome to read, they’ll have a good reason to stay longer on the page. Also, they’re likely to move on to other pages to learn more about what you can do for them. Without a heading that’s just as compelling as your central message, you can expect more bounces than you’d wish for. Thankfully, it’s never too late to learn how to write and use catchy headings.

5. You Need a Good Introduction

Whether you engage the services of the “write my essays online sites or choose to do it yourself, a good introduction can do half the job. Your introduction is often the difference between a potential customer going ahead to read what you have to say, or getting pissed off and shutting down your page. Which do you prefer? Sure, you want them to stay longer, and possibly visit more pages. Get your introduction spot on and you won’t have to worry. Further, it’s not as difficult as you imagine it to be. You need a short introduction that immediately captures the imagination. This way, visitors are willing to go on and read. Let it be something a reader can cover and understand within seconds of seeing it.

6. Each Page Should Serve a Clear Purpose

Being clear about what you do is very important. You don’t want a potential customer regretting why they visited your website. For instance, a homepage to a writing service might have secondary pages, including one for a resume writer. What you don’t want is the page for this purpose containing stuff other than what it’s meant for. In line with that, your goal as a business, organization or company should be clear so users can navigate quickly to what they want.

7. Insert Internal Links to Your Content

This is a smart way to not only boost your search engine rankings but also to keep potential customers a bit longer on your website. Internal linking means you have links to other pages on your website. It’s a great tool that many top sites employ to keep users engaged. Further, you should link to older and relevant pages on your blog or website. This way, the links already provide a route for the user who doesn’t have to leave or close the page.

8. Content is King

Heard this quote before? So, are you putting it to practice? The fact is whoever creates the best content for their website almost always pulls more potential customers. Your content must carry enough quality to be irresistible. You don’t have only your customers to satisfy, but you also have to keep the competition at bay. This is because you want potential customers coming over to your platform. To do this, topnotch content with detailed information is essential. This is why some people often seek the services of assignment help to get things right.

Also, you need to keep things fresh on your website. Do this by creating new stuff that your potential customers can look forward to. You don’t want a situation where your site has only one content running for many days. That’s a huge turnoff.


Many businesses out there have a website. However, some are more successful because they implemented these steps to drive traffic and retain customers. You too can do the same so that potential customers turn to real ones on your page.