How Yoga Studios Use CRM For Sustainable Business Growth

CRM For Sustainable Business Growth

Yoga is not just a trendy way to keep fit for millions of people the world over. Yoga is a way to keep mental health in top shape, to integrate with the local community, and form meaningful offline connections.

With omnichannel marketing, it’s becoming more cumbersome to manage customers in a yoga studio. Here are Nimble’s tips and best practices on how to use CRM for a yoga studio to drive business growth and revenues sustainably.

Yoga studio marketing ideas

Those passionate about yoga know the true value of this ancient spiritual and physical discipline: the harmony of body and mind, the connection of humans and nature.

This is why when it comes to marketing a yoga studio, people seek to establish, nurture, and reinforce human connections in an unhurried structured manner, that’s based on common values and interests.

In this piece we are investigating methods to drive sustainable business growth in this niche – that’s both: community-forming and family-like.

Engage with your community

There is no such thing as a yoga studio that’s not part of the community fabric. If you do offline classes – you mix with the same number of people from the hood.

Keeping in contact with them is essential. Being reachable and open for contact regarding community issues creates a vibe among your students that’s genuine and lasts for decades.

Whatever means you choose to get your potential client’s personal data -make sure you have all the GDPR requirements adhere to with a privacy policy page stating all the cookies and personal data usage settings correctly. Your community should feel safe maintaining communication across all channels. 

Attending local events, charity causes, book clubs are a good place to start if you are only new to the business. Facebook groups are the best for creating a digital network – so join your city or hood group to start getting to know people.

Create a YouTube channel

YouTube is a Google company. Voice recognition is growing like crazy. Video content is 50 times more likely to get organic traffic than text with the same keywords. 94% of people watch explainer videos to better understand a product or service. 44% of respondents are more likely to buy after watching a video.

Not only a YouTube channel is a great promotional channel, but it can also be a separate revenue stream as an online class subscription or as a method to monetize views or educational material. We will further dive into the subject later in the piece.

Design a loyalty program

People love the sense of belonging and love when a business cares to give back.

A loyalty program is a way to connect people with your studio even tighter by incentivizing them to join your retreats and events at a special rate, for example.

Having a yoga studio CRM software at your disposal is very handy in such a case, as you can tag your loyalty program members with specific tags to mass mail promotions, create reposts and invite them to events.

Yoga studio rewards program example

Yoga studio rewards program example

Use technology to drive business & nurture relations

Your tech stack can be as minimalistic as an email and Instagram business page to start with, but you will need some kind of customer relationship management tool as you grow.

CRM software for a yoga studio is a turn-key solution that has so many goodies inside, just check out Nimble features, for example:

  • Contact management
  • Email marketing with mass mail possibility to send 100 emails per day
  • Calendar and scheduling
  • Task management
  • Deal and pipeline management
  • Profile enrichment
  • Social media insights and integration

At some point, you may want to create a website for your business and start feeding it with blog articles, which is an amazing addition to your marketing mix.

Cut your pricing & offering to the audience & GEO

There are several pricing plans when it comes to Yoga studio services. You can do it by the class price or monthly subscriptions. You can do events, organize weekly retreats, and even sell scented candles.

When price positioning your services take into account 2 main factors:

  1. Competition [both quality and quantity]
  2. The purchasing power of the country and neighborhood

You don’t want to end up outpricing yourself or undercutting too much so that it’s more of a charity.

Pricing of yoga classes example

Advertising yoga classes & promoting business organically

In 2021 it’s all about omnichannel marketing and omnichannel customer services.

This is why it’s important to choose a customer management system for a yoga studio that is social-media integrated. Nimble is a social CRM, so users can comment, like and share posts from inside the tool.

Omnichannel marketing encompasses a myriad of promotional channels, these are the fundamental ones:

Social media

Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, and Twitter are probably the best platforms to promote local yoga classes. Many of them are generational, if you specialize in teen yoga, consider adopting TikTok. If you are doing pregnancy Yoga, Instagram might be a good place to start.

Local presence 

Nothing beats the impact of raising local brand awareness like a good sign visible from the main street.

Ensure you advertise in the local newspaper or radio if you work in a tight community.

Google advertising

Google advertising is probably the best in the big megapolis, where competition is high and you get 5 competitive practices within a square mile.

There is an introductory offer for a new business where Google will match around the first $50-$100 spent in Google ads. So make sure you claim it when you first open an account.

Getting your match right and building your negative keywords list is vital to get a stream of steady leads to your website.

Google search Yoga Studio Los Angeles

Google search Yoga Studio Los Angeles


Ever thought of teaming up with another Yogi teacher for cross-promotion? It’s indeed working! 


Get on the other person’s podcast? Sure!

Website & blog

Getting your website blog updated with insightful engaging educational articles replete with visual authentic images or videos is probably the most sure-fire way to get discovered organically.

YouTube channel

YouTube channel is not dead, no. Yes, there is a lot of beautiful content online. But this ship has not sailed yet. With consistency and quality content, there’s still a spot left for you too.

How to promote online yoga classes

When opening a yoga studio in a small town you may have only modest ambitions. But YouTube gives everyone a chance to go big from the smallest place on earth.

In case you doubt it, check out the mass following these guys managed to attract with high-quality cooking classes from the woods: yes, you got it right, they have 3 million followers and 330 million views on their channel.

So let’s see some of the tips to help you drive your online yoga business:

Create content consistently

Consistency is key. The better-timed, the better. The more often the better. Try and produce content weekly and post it at the same time.

Work on your brand: visually and spiritually recognizable brand symbols

Design thumbnails that look similar and have a recognizable style to them.

Try and use the same spiritual routines in your videos, like greeting with Namaste, using scented sticks for ambiance, etc.

The visual design of the YouTube channel of yoga online classes

The visual design of the YouTube channel of yoga online classes

Choose keywords wisely

Keywords are probably one of the most vital elements when it comes to video optimization. Make sure to learn a lot about video keyword search and optimization. 

Use long-tail keywords specific to your specialty for best rankings and keywords with your city to be found locally.

Offer contests on social media to grow following

Social media contests work great for building an audience, so if you sell any merchandise or can afford to offer a month of free yoga practice in your studio for a winner, go ahead and use such contests now and then.

Create buzz and virality in the first 24 hours

Ensure to create as much traffic to your video in the first hours as you only can. 

Asking your friends to like, comment, and share just as you release it is a good method too. 

YouTube judges your video popularity based on the first day of engagement.

Yoga studio CRM software: how to manage customers

Ask for reviews

Reviews in Google Business, Yelp, or Facebook all contribute to your higher ranking in search engines. Make sure you have a task assigned to every client to leave a review after they have had a chance to experience the healing power of your yoga classes. 

Have a template ready with a direct link to your review pages on major platforms stored in your CRM for easy access by the team.

Keep your referees incentivized

If you have a referral program, have those people with referral links marked with a specific tag, so you can send promotional correspondence to them with double points or any incentive you come up with.

Send invites to your private events by mass email

Time is so precious, specifically when you have to juggle all those channels and all those clients – new and existing.

Save time by sending mass emails to up to 100 addresses a day on a regular pricing plan.

Give generously to attract and to keep interest high 

If the studio you are renting is big enough to fit more people than usually attend your classes, consider giving away a few spots regularly: to attract new clients or thank existing ones.

Keep your record in the CRM by attaching notes or respective tags to such contacts.

Tag clients to send personalized educational content

If you have a few programs, like teen yoga, hot, yoga, pregnancy yoga, consider having specific tags attached to a specific group of your clients. 

This way your customer management software for yoga studio helps you to send personalized content when you release a video, article, or host a private event devoted to the topic of interest.

Nimble CRM for yoga studio: flexible, beginner-friendly, and no need to stretch out of your budget

Now that you know how to grow a yoga studio, consider arming yourself with the tool for your winnings.

Nimble CRM helps over 140 thousand users from every business niche out there, including many in beauty and self-care.

Nimble Prospector extension – which is a bonus to the system – allows users to cut manual work as well as reduce research time.

Driving your business for sustainable growth with this intuitive tool costs just a couple of lattes a month too! Pay $25 per user per month if billed monthly or save by paying annually just $19 per user per month!

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