Top Real Estate Influencers That Can Help You Grow Your Business

Why Do Real Estate Agents Need a Personal Brand?

Your real estate personal branding strategy is a reflection of who you are as an individual and as a real estate professional. It’s an opportunity to stand out from the crowd of other real estate agents and secure more business opportunities.

If you execute your real estate branding strategy correctly, grow and nurture your network by making sure you touch your most important contacts on a regular basis, and engage with new people, you’ll have referral business left and right.

Here are some real estate personal branding ideas to get you started:

How to Build a Personal Brand as a Real Estate Professional

If you are not sure how to brand yourself in the real estate space, we don’t blame you. It’s not so straightforward as it may seem. 

The number one thing you need to consider is how you want to present yourself online. Are you going to strictly share work-related content, or are you going to let your audience in on your personal life as well? Are you comfortable with sharing pictures of your family and friends? 

Here are 7 steps to help you get started as you map out your real estate personal branding strategy: 

1. Define your real estate audience

You know the answer to this already: it’s your ideal client. Where do they live? What do they like? Write down as much as you can about your ideal client and then use it to curate relevant content on social media

You should also consider how your ideal client likes to consume content. Do they prefer pictures, Instagram Stories, blog posts, or videos? Make sure you also take into account the type of content you want to create and feel comfortable creating. Are you a great writer? A creative video editor skilled with Reels and Tik Tok videos? Do you prefer to offer real estate advice in a podcast format?

2. Find your platform to create your online presence

Where do your ideal clients hang out? Are they on Facebook? In local Facebook groups? Do they hang out on Instagram, Tik Tok, Clubhouse, or Pinterest?

how to use nimble prospector to grow your network

This is a great real estate agent personal branding example from a local Facebook group that shows a realtor jumping on the opportunity to help and build relationships. Even though Adrienne says she’s already working with a realtor, April knows that it has many benefits to offer her help anyways. She is getting her brand out there and might get referrals from Adrienne or anybody else who may see the post. 

Another thing to keep in mind: Pinterest is one of the most underestimated social platforms, but the reality is that it is actually used as a search engine especially in the areas of living and home improvement. Take a look at how you may take an advantage of the almost 450 million monthly active users natively or with advertising.

3. Use a professional picture and appealing banner

You only have a few seconds to make a lasting impression. Having a professional photo in which you are smiling and looking directly into the camera can make you appear more approachable to your prospects. 

Don’t underestimate the power of an effective banner on social media platforms. It’s valuable real estate (see what we did there?) Upload a beautiful picture of a local landmark or a picture of a great property you are currently selling.

If you’d prefer to go with a graphic or a logo, you can take advantage of a free and super easy-to-use design tool called Canva.

4. Start sharing educational and inspirational content

There are so many different types of content to share; you’re not limited to your listings. Your overall goal should be to become a sought after expert. A person that your clients, former clients, family, friends, and everybody else who knows you would recommend. 

Start answering questions that you get asked over and over again by your prospective clients and current clients. What are their biggest worries? What additional services do they usually require? Can you create lists or helpful tips to help them make their buying experience absolutely amazing?

Ideas for Personal Branding in Real Estate

Here are some topics you can share with your audience on social media:

  1. Things to know before deciding to buy
  2. Top 7 things real estate professionals get asked by potential buyers
  3. Mortgage information
  4. What does the buying process look like?
  5. What should you get taken care of once you close on a house?
  6. Insurance and home warranty information
  7. Recommendations for local landscapers, cleaning services, painters, and movers
  8. Interior decor tips and recommendations
  9. Local travel tips
  10. General local information (election info, traffic info)
  11. Local restaurant tips

5. Engage with people and be a resource

Engage with people that are asking questions even if they aren’t your ideal clients. If you’re helpful and having conversations, people will notice and follow you on social media. They’ll surely start sending referrals your way or even ask for your help finding a new home.

Developing relationships with influencers within the real estate space and engaging in conversations with them can really pay off, as they can help you significantly increase your reach. 

Just check out the real estate rooms on Clubhouse. There are usually hundreds of people listening to real estate influencers having conversations. While you listen, you can quickly look at the profiles of people in the audience to determine if they may be your target audience. Raise your hand, ask questions, offer your side of the story, and show your expertise!

6. Bring them into your CRM

As your business grows, it will be harder and harder to keep track of all your contacts and what you need to do, and when. Keep lists of your most valuable clients and contacts in your CRM database and create tasks and reminders to make sure that you get done what you promised you would.

The CRM lists can consist of:

  1. Current clients
  2. Former clients
  3. Prospects
  4. Other agents
  5. Attorneys
  6. Movers and moving companies
  7. Painters
  8. Landscapers

Any way you can save your clients time when they’re busy moving will highly be appreciated. If you give them a list of local companies they might need, it can save them a lot of time and effort. You may even be able to negotiate a cut with some local vendors, too.

7. Make sure you always follow up on everything you’ve promised

Relationships are built on the promises we keep and the experiences we deliver. It’s absolutely essential to make sure that we always deliver on our promises. 

As your personal brand and network grow, the number of people you need to follow up with can become overwhelming. There’s only so much information we can successfully remember; but luckily, there’s technology to help us. 

If you don’t yet have a CRM system in place and want something that’s super easy-to-use, implement, and allows you to work where you are used to working, check out one of our webinars or sign up for a free trial of Nimble here

Nimble plugs directly into your Outlook, Gmail, browser, in all your favorite real estate apps, and is also available for iPhones and Androids. The browser plugin allows you to access existing and create new contacts from LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. Nimble also auto-enriches contacts for you saving you time on data entry. Who likes to type stuff in nowadays?! 

If you’re interested in a one-on-one call, find a time that works for you on our calendar.

Examples of Personal Branding in Real Estate: Check out the Personal Brands of These Influencers

Now that we covered the importance of growing your personal brand, here are real estate influencers who are doing it right! Go through their feeds and see how they do it.