How to Choose the Right CRM System For Wellness Centers

Have you ever wondered why the spa and wellness industry can’t do without a good CRM system? Indeed, this industry is very competitive and if you are a customer-oriented company, you probably know that losing one client can cost you a lot! In this review, we’ll have a look at the key benefits of a CRM system for beauty salons and try to find out what beauty salon CRM software can meet your needs better.

Best Wellness Center CRMs in 2021

1. CRM
2. Zoho CRM
3. Pipedrive

What is a CRM System for Salons?

CRM (or Customer Relationship Management) software keeps track of all your company’s interactions with current and future customers. The main goal of a CRM tool is to enhance your business relationships and allow your team to work smarter. Thanks to a smart CRM tool, companies can streamline a variety of business processes, always stay connected to their clients and work smarter. Today, it is a must-have tool for business owners who want to optimize and systemize relationships with their clients.

Why the Wellness Industry Needs CRM

You know that companies that are related to the spa or wellness industry always strive for better relationships with their clients. Those who want to work smarter and reduce the number of dull and repetitive tasks always rely on technology to find and interact with their clients. It doesn’t matter whether you are running a small beauty salon or a big spa complex with hundreds of employees, you have the same goal – to satisfy and retain your customers.

Here are a few reasons why modern spa salons should implement beauty salon software:

  • There’s no need to enter your customer records manually.
  • You’ll be able to easily set up various programs for increasing profit and attracting new customers. 
  • Creating an appointment reminder is easier than ever
  • Setting up an automated email campaign is a breeze
  • The process of recording customer surveys is streamlined
  • You’ll have the ability to book beauty and wellness services online.
  • Integrations with social media help get your brand out there faster and more effectively. 

A good CRM system is an all-in-one solution that serves different needs: marketing, analytics, and sales. They come with a variety of superb features that can help you organize your business processes, such as scheduling appointments or sending reminders to your clients.

What Distinguishes a CRM System for Wellness Centers

When you choose the right CRM system for your wellness center or salon, you and your team won’t have a hard time adopting it. Good CRM tools come with a variety of superb features and you can definitely find one that fits your needs. But what factors distinguish a CRM for a wellness center or day spa?

Here are a few questions that you need to answer before you start using one:

  • Is there good technical support?
  • Does it include all the features that you need?
  • Is it hard to use?
  • Is there a feature of email templating?
  • Does it offer analytics?
  • Can it be integrated with social media?

If the chosen CRM software for wellness can meet all these needs, it’s a perfect match. Gradually, you’ll start seeing some serious boost in revenue! 

Features to Look for When Choosing Beauty Salon Software

As we have already mentioned, the main goal of CRM is to help business owners improve their productivity. But what particular features should you look for when choosing a CRM tool for your wellness business? What options can help save your precious time? 

  • Instant access to the information about your customers (appointment history, promotions, bonuses, loyalty programs, etc.)
  • The online booking feature. It is not always convenient to call someone to make an appointment for a  beautician or massage therapist. The industry is going digital; you’ll unlock many benefits by utilizing an online booking feature.
  • Automatically calculating monthly salaries.
  • The capability to quickly schedule visits and change prices accordingly.
  • Tracking the effectiveness of ad campaigns, finances, employee accomplishments, and more.

Best Wellness Center Online Tools and CRM Solutions

If you are still hesitating, we recommend looking through our list of the best CRM software for beauty salons. We hope this list will help you make the final choice:

  • Belliata Salon Software. This solution is mostly developed for the needs of nail salons and hair/barber salons. With the help of this tool, you can easily schedule staff, provide your customers with a possibility of online booking, and follow up on your requirements.
  • Mindbody. This wellness center management software is a multi-featured solution that comes with a set of useful features such as inventory tracking, online booking, and much more. Moreover, they also have their Wellness program that has one goal: to improve the health and wellness of people from all over the world.
  • PerfectMIND. With the help of this solution, managing a gym fitness center has never been easier. It is a cloud-based solution so you can use it from any device and any location. It comes with a set of customizable options that allow you to control all the areas of your beauty salon.
  • SalesVu – a powerful cloud-based system that offers beauty and wellness management tools to help people control their beauty business effectively. With the help of this solution, you’ll have everything under control (marketing, finances, and other business operations).
  • Nimble CRM. This platform can perfectly meet the needs of the Beauty and Hair industry. They offer an exceptional business package that can easily cover the basic needs of the salon daily routine. With this solution, you’ll always have meaningful and profit-generating information at hand.

crm for wellness centers

Nimble CRM for Beauty Salon

When it comes to choosing a reliable CRM tool, you need to be very demanding because your future profit and reputation fully depend on this tool. Nimble CRM is a powerful solution that can help you finally manage all your sales processes, monitor the activities of your employees, and work from absolutely any place.

With this tool, you’ll easily organize your contacts, find new opportunities, and build relationships with current and potential clients. In other words, you’ll be able to take smarter actions because you’ll easily organize your tasks and appointments into one dashboard.

When using Nimble, you’ll be able to segment your contacts into targeted lists for group outreach at scale. As a result, it will be easier for you to send tracked emails to your clients offering a superb promotion. Additionally, you can set up a Stay in Touch reminder, making it easier for you to follow up! 

You’ll also be able to monitor the tasks and the effectiveness of your team. Stay on top of assignments, calls, and events. With Nimble CRM, you’ll be ready for anything because you’ll never miss any event or meeting. 

Mapping Your Customer Journey with Nimble CRM

Being a powerful CRM tool, Nimble can meet the requirements of every industry, including wellness centers. When using this powerful tool, you’ll easily increase brand awareness, build stronger relationships with your current and future customers, and keep your everyday operations under control. Nimble comes with a variety of useful options that can definitely speed up a variety of business processes.

Let’s have a look at the basic ones:

Adding a Lead

The main mission of this CRM tool is to boost your performance when dealing with a variety of customers. If you want to add a lead, you need to follow these guidelines:

  • Click on the option “Contact record” and find “View Field”.
  • Look through all the options that are offered in it (Lead Source, Lead Type, and Lead Status) and choose the one you need right now.

Following up

Following up with your potential clients is a very important stage when running your business no matter what area you are engaged in. When using this feature, you’ll effectively analyze your proposal and check its pros and cons. If necessary, you can edit and make it more commercial.

Moreover, you can always ask your clients why they don’t want to use your services and edit your offer to avoid the same mistakes in the future. Simply put, following up with Nimble CRM is easier!


The main goal of any business is to sell more. However, to achieve that goal, you need to make the customer journey as short as possible. With Nimble CRM, you can feel certain that the information about your clients is always updated. You know their emails and phone numbers. At any moment, you can offer a hot promotion they can’t refuse!

How to Use CRM: A Brief Instruction and the Best Practices for Salons

It is really hard to run your business if you can’t control all the business processes. A CRM platform is a must-have tool that will help you keep everything under control. If you are still hesitating whether you need to invest in it, here are the best practices of using CRM for the wellness industry.

Provide customers with unique touchpoints at each step of the sales process

You probably know that closing a sale requires a few touchpoints. If you want to sell more beauty services, you need to feel certain that all your touchpoints are compelling.

Before you finally close the deal, a few touchpoints have to be made:

  • Phone calls;
  • Email campaigns;
  • Social media touchpoints;
  • A person-to-person meeting.

However, it takes time to fulfill all of them. But you can work smarter with Nimble CRM because this tool allows you to reach out across different touchpoints in a matter of seconds.

Organize your leads with lead scoring for each sales stage to identify customers who are ready to move to the next level

With Nimble CRM, you’ll never face any issues related to organizing your leads. With this solution, everything will be properly stored. Lead scoring allows your team to spend their time on more qualified leads. You know that if you waste your time on unqualified leads, your business will suffer. But when you pursue qualified leads, it will guarantee a much better return for your business. With a CRM platform, you’ll easily organize your leads and can feel certain that you are dealing with clients who are ready to buy.

Keep the information about your clients digital

No matter whether you have a small or big business, it is more convenient when you have instant access to information about your clients. Everything is properly stored in one program and you can easily access the data at any moment.

Attract more clients

CRM tools for wellness centers and salons allow you to attract more customers with the help of online promotions. You can create and send a profitable email campaign with a superb discount to all your standing clients! There’s no need to do this manually.

You’ll have full control over the performance of your wellness center

CRM tools allow you to control your finances. You’ll get reports for your finances, expenses, and income in a matter of seconds. There’s no need to do all these calculations manually.

You can check the effectiveness of ad campaigns

Powerful and reliable CRM platforms also allow you to get full control over all your ads. As you probably know, not all ads are effective. Sometimes, they aren’t profitable. With the help of a CRM solution, you’ll be able to monitor the effectiveness of your ads from absolutely any device.

Automatically calculate the salary of your employees

You know that the salary of your employees depends on the number of customers they serve. It is really hard to count this manually. If you don’t want to face any issues related to this task, it is time to start using a CRM platform. As a result, the salary of your employees will be automatically calculated.

Easier client communication

Communication with your clients is the most time-consuming process. When using a CRM platform, you’ll always keep everything under control. Simply put, you’ll never forget to follow up, offer some bonuses for your standing customers, or personalize your communications. As a result, you’ll improve your business communications because you’ll always know when to inform your clients about promotions, and will never forget to answer important emails.

Brand building

Every wellness center wants to be unique and recognizable. So the first thing you need to do to achieve that goal is to improve your brand awareness and association. CRM platforms allow you to learn more about your clients. Thanks to this information, it is much easier to set ad campaigns that will improve your brand awareness and help you meet the needs of your clients. In other words, when you start using a CRM tool, you’ll be able to define your brand and retain your customers.

Save time every day

A multi-featured CRM program for wellness centers can save the time you spend on daily management processes. You know that such tasks as appointment reminders, stock control, or management of suppliers take a lot of time. With a good CRM platform, you’ll be more effective!


You know how hard it is to deal with the statistics when your employees record the data manually. A CRM tool enables you to access different statistics from your business in a matter of seconds. You’ll be able to check your credit purchases, debts, sales statistics, commissions, and much more!

Choosing the best CRM for wellness centers and beauty salons is a very important step. You need to be very attentive because unfortunately, not all solutions that are offered in the market can meet your needs. Nimble CRM is a perfect fit for beauty salons who want to keep all their business processes under control!