Content Marketing Podcast Series: The Improbable Success of River Pools

Marcus Sheridan is someone you probably never heard of — but if you are interested in content marketing, he’s someone you won’t ever forget.  Marcus is the owner of River Pools. The story of how River Pools survived and thrived through a major recession makes for a fascinating tutorial on the really simple idea of how to use your customers’ and prospects’ own questions to completely turn your marketing budget upside down and get seen first in search.

In this podcast, the first in a series of interviews with Bernie J Mitchell of Engaging People he say “Marcus is like a Red Bull shower — he has an infectious energy for both life and content marketing and best of all he has lived his advice.” In his interview Bernie and Marcus discuss using blog content to build traffic, qualify prospects, nurture leads, generate sales, and (maybe most important) build relationships.

You should certainly zoom over to “The Sales Lion” and check out what Marcus writes about and also his podcast here.

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