How Native Custom Stone is Using Nimble

About the Company

Native Custom Stone (Native) is an international, Georgia-based manufacturer of architectural grade stone veneer sold through distributors. With 36 employees and a growth rate of over 25 percent, Native is growing rapidly and looking to open another plant in the near future.

The Challenge

Scaling effectively requires Native Custom Stone to manage thousands of customer and partner relationships, but Native was finding it difficult to develop relationships with architects, designers, and other building professionals whose contact information and history of engagement were stored in multiple locations, including G Suite, Gmail, contacts, and calendars; QuickBooks, 366 Degrees and Vinyard.

Storing contacts and conversation history across multiple platforms made relationship management cumbersome and targeted marketing efforts ineffective. Native understood that in order to be successful, the company needed a relationship management tool that could consolidate contact records and interactions into a single, easy-to-use system of record that could grow with them and solve the team’s business development challenges.

“I knew Native needed a CRM solution to better manage our customer and partner contact information and profiles, and to support our target marketing strategies. OMI recommended we use Nimble to help us to be much more strategic about managing our business relationships, engaging with our most important audiences, and executing our strategies. Nimble was easy to set up, and our sales and marketing team loves using it,” said Billy Bennett, Owner.

Native Custom Stone

The Solution

OMI, Native’s marketing consultant, recommended Nimble as the best fit for Native’s relationship management needs over other solutions on the market. Nimble’s ability to provide a central repository for contacts stored in email and business applications, powerful social media capabilities, data enrichment, built-in marketing automation, pipeline management and activity management made it an easy choice.

Nimble’s onboarding features and OMI’s guidance made it simple to get up and running on Nimble. Access to detailed, auto-generated profiles, including engagement history and social insights, enabled the Native team to engage more effectively and execute their strategies.

Native discovered Nimble was easy to use and navigate and came with great customer support when you need it. “Everyone on the Native team has remarked that the support team is amazing and very responsive. If they don’t know the answer, they get us to the right person. It’s been a great experience,” said Samantha Flannery, System Administrator.

Native also integrates Nimble with cloud applications 366 Degrees and Vinyard for a complete end-to-end target marketing solution. As a result, Native can send targeted mass emails, newsletters, and installation videos, as well as manage social posts and track activity for follow up without having to import or sync data manually.

The Nimble Experience

Nimble has helped the team get more organized with a central database that makes it easy to find contacts and connect. Using Nimble, Native better manages leads and customers and makes it easy to deliver the right content to each category of customer and building professionals more efficiently and effectively.

Because Nimble makes information accessible wherever you are, whether, in a browser or mobile device, Native’s sales representatives no longer have to be in the office to know what’s happening with customers. Nimble shows the team’s history of interactions with contacts, giving them the intelligence they need to help manage and close deals.

“With the social information now available to the team, Native’s sales representatives find it helps them connect with customers on a more personal level, so they feel more comfortable with us. Instead of bombarding them with pitches, we’re having more genuine conversations,” Samantha explains.

Nimble has helped Native drive more business and achieve the company’s growth goals with one very powerful relationship management tool at their fingertips.

Future Plans

Native is looking forward to further leveraging Nimble to automate the sales process and provide pipeline management, making it easy for the sales team to manage opportunities and focus on their hottest prospects. Native is also evaluating Third Party solutions on the Nimble App Marketplace, including quote generation and document signature software.

The next phase will also include bringing front office employees on to Nimble so they can access contact history information and better manage customer interactions. “It will help us to manage handoffs between the department, and to provide our customers and partners a seamless experience, regardless of whom they speak with,” concludes Samantha.