What is Business Budgeting Software? Here are Some of the Best Examples

Nowadays, creating any kind of business is simple. However, it is hard to run it for financial and manufacturer success, continuously accomplish new goals, and ensure its stable expansion in the long run. A competently formed budget, usage of modern technologies and reliable team are key positions for making headway for your company. The first paragraph of this success checklist can be established efficiently and with ease using budgeting software for business.

Business budgeting software – what’s it all about?

Budget planning and accounting software – it`s the ultimate tool for business people that can help them improve their business efficiency. It usually contains a few subprograms and many different analytical algorithms that gather and process information about the user business. There are a lot of versions of the software available free and paid in the GooglePlay and Apple Store. You can find reviews on the most popular ones below.

What are the benefits of using business budgeting software?

Modern budget management systems can not only count the budget for your company but also employ special algorithms for improving analytical research efficiency, and automatization of many processes. They can also display all the essential information in the most practical and easy-to-read form. Diagrams, graphics, tables and much more – everything to make the user comfortable. 

Why do you need it?

Every company has to build a budget for certain periods of time. In the most simplified form, it contains only two values: incomes and expenses. Counting budgets isn’t hard at first when you only starting your business. But when the company begins to grow in size, and more and more new income and expenses come into play it’s getting gradually harder for a businessman to maintain them in the correct condition.

When this situation reaches a critical point a business usually has to either hire an accountant or start using business budgeting tools.

How can it help you with your business?

According to the data gathered by CLUTCH in 2018 – 79% of the companies that have more than 10 employees build their budgets. Even more, 24% of the companies with less than 10 employees build their budgets as well. That shows us that even a small company can benefit from it.

You can plan your expenses, count approximate incomes, and build up a  strategy for your business according to it. You will be able to make decisions based on reasoning and drawn budgets.

 Types of business management software 

There are quite a few types of business management software available on the market. All of them provide their users with a number of features and special functions. The classification of the programs is not based on them, but instead on the database of the budgeting system location. These include :

  • On-premise budgeting systems. The database of this kind of software is located in the local network.
  • SaaS budgeting systems. Databases of this software are located on the host servers. Usually, the users get access to the data from the browser.
  • Cloud-hosted budgeting systems. The database of a company is located on the virtual cloud service.

A businessman usually chooses between these three types of software, pursuant to importance, the confidentiality of the stored data, and its volume.  Sometimes, they may make use of different types of business management software at the same time. According to the Importance of business budgeting, analyzing and planning it`s sometimes smarter to do so because it provides a user with an opportunity to make a backup of lost data.

Top 5 business budgeting software list

We’ve analyzed plenty of different budgeting and forecasting tools to create a list of the most advanced, popular and practical ones. You can find a tool of any type, for any platform, including mobile phones, for all of your needs down below. 



Scoro is definitely one of the greatest tools for companies of all time. It’s a combination of a budget planning tool, personnel manager, project manager, and CRM. A lot of statistical information, a huge amount of raw data and many different parameters, indicators and indexes are available for users.

Or they can just program the AI to analyze the database without their intervention. Now available on Google Play and App Store. It has a 14-day trial and is available for $25 per user/month.



The main advantage of this piece of software is its ability to integrate into other business tools, such as QuickBooks, Dynamics, and SAGE. That makes this tool ultimate for everybody who likes to combine different features from various online business budgeting software, but does not want to create multiple databases for each of them. The price is negotiated.



This business budgeting app allows its users to keep track of statistics and efficiency of every employee, helps to develop growth strategies, and analyze big data flow of any kind. You can track down the company’s growth using this business budgeting app, decide who will be punished or l get a promotion with the help of this app. The price is negotiated. 



GIDE provides its users with profits-loss spreadsheets and analysis, cash flows monitoring and capital asset planning. It has a traditional, easy to use and understand old type windows interface. A good choice for old school businesspeople. And, last but not least, GIDE is totally free of charge!



One of the many reasons to use Tagetik for business is that it’s completely free for distribution models. It also helps with disclosure management, has pretty strong analyzing algorithms, formulates excellent reports, and allows to plan and count budgets for a week, decade, month, season or year. It’s really user-friendly and without any doubt the best small business budgeting software.  

Choosing the right software

It is up to you to decide what kind of tool to use. Firstly, you have to understand what’s your main reason for using business budgeting software. Secondly, what kind of information and data you need to work with. And thirdly, do you really want to avoid hiring the accountant so much? 

In any case, if you feel confident enough to do your budget and business plan by yourself, if you have enough time for this, if you need some more information to provides your workers with, these tools are your ultimate choice. Get one right now, and try to do your best with it!