6 Simple Ways to Get People to Remember Your Brand

In the digital age, attention comes and goes fast. Getting a chunk of that attention for your brand can be tricky, so make it something to remember.

The ancient wisdom of traditional marketing will always be effective, but some things evolve with time too. The way you speak, your online presence – the creative tricks you use to get an edge. There’s as much set in stone as there is dynamic and changing. It’s up to you how you apply these marketing facts to your own brand.

Use customer-focused language

Less about you, more about the customer. That’s the first step to being remembered. Keep it simple and tell the customer what they get from you, not how great you are. Be humble and professional. Make claims you can verify. Scrap using “we” and replace it with “you.” The power of the word you cannot be overstated. 

Instead of saying:

We are experts in the X field. The service we deliver is unrivaled.”

This kind of language doesn’t really connect. Instead, say something like:

You will have our devoted expertise on demand whenever you need us.”

If all you do is talk about yourself, how can a potential customer know what they’ll get from you? Drop your ego and focus 100% on your target demographic. Focusing on your customers is the first step to creating a memorable brand, and it goes beyond the language you use.

Be active online

Social media

Memory fades fast, so you need to stay active on multiple channels, lest you be forgotten. Try to post on social media once every couple of days at least. Set a schedule and test what time/day you get the most engagement. In the spirit of creating meaningful connections, engage with your followers and post helpful information.

Constant self-promotion will see little engagement and can lead people to unfollow your page. In 2017, 86% of consumers said they prefer an authentic and honest brand personality on social networks. Focus your efforts on helping and connecting with people authentically.


Another way to build an authentic connection is by building trust. To build trust, you have to establish authority in your area of expertise. Over the past few years, blogging has become an essential tool for businesses to establish their expertise. In fact, it’s second only behind social media content, with 80% of B2C marketers using blog posts in their content strategy.

Posting fact-checked blog posts that help potential customers, is a powerful way to build your online presence, and get your brand in the minds of consumers.


Advertise your brand everywhere

There are so many mediums you can communicate through these days. The options are endless. But let’s take our sights off the technological for a second. 

One way to get your brand anywhere you can think of is with stickers. They are cost-effective and powerful guerrilla marketing tools. Some of the most memorable advertising campaigns have been run using clever sticker placements.

So how could you use stickers to get people to remember your brand? Speak to the hearts of your target audience. Like this advertisement for Pedigree dog food:

You can get custom stickers from Discount Sticker Printing. They’re a cost-effective way to run a full-scale marketing campaign and make your brand more memorable – without breaking the bank.

Appeal to emotion

People don’t remember most of the content they read, but they do remember how it made them feel. The reality is, people, make decisions based on their emotions. Emotions are what drives us beneath the surface. Leaving an emotional imprint is the most powerful way to get someone to remember your brand. The challenge for any marketer is doing that successfully.

Appeal to your target’s emotions by using emotional language. You can start by looking at Plutchik’s wheel of emotions. Whatever you write, think about what emotion you want to affect, and how you can focus in on having an emotional impact.

One of the most successful marketing campaigns in the modern age was run by Apple from the late 90’s onwards and still resonates true today. While Microsoft and IBM were focusing on performance, gigahertz, and other technical jargon, Apple focused on one simple message. Think differently. 

They sold their brand as creative and free – the antithesis of corporate America. They made it about creativity and inspiration – having no limits. This was at a time where the competition was all jargon, metrics, numbers, and rules. Apple’s “here’s to the crazy ones” advert is a 101 lesson in how to create a memorable brand. Note how the advert makes you feel and why. What side of Plutchik’s wheel of emotion are you feeling right now?

Personalize your customer experience

How do you make a lasting impression? You go above and beyond what is expected. You create a personal connection with every customer. 

personalized coca cola bottles

It’s not just about words and emotions. You have to deliver on your promises too. Make sure your customers feel that every step of the way, you’ve given them value.

Here are some ideas you can use to personalize the customer experience:

  • Send offers to certain demographics
  • Always address customers by name in an email
  • Make personalized product/service suggestions
  • Let customers know when you offer something they want

Customer personalization is a complex area. It often requires a lot of research, and large enterprise invests millions in it. But if we go back to basics, it could simply be remembering a customer you have spoken to, or recommending a product/service through speaking with your customers. It doesn’t have to be algorithmic.

Deliver a consistent message

Constantly changing your brand identity, message, tone of voice – it leads to nothing but confusion. Once you have a solid core, do not change it. Be the brand that’s known for ‘that thing’. It takes time to know what works for your business and what doesn’t. But once you get there and you know what makes the cogs turn, you’ll have an unshakeable foundation. Once you know what works, make it who you are.


Making a memorable brand is really part of being a good business generally. Being active, impacting emotion, and doing right by your customers should be enough to leave an impression. You have to tick off all the boxes you can, but there isn’t always time to do everything. The most important points to consider are:

  • Use customer-focused language
  • Be active online
  • Deliver on your business promises
  • Aim for the heart, not the mind
  • Keep it consistent