Bring Your Network to Work: Empower #Social Employees

“Social Businesses are Powered by Social Employees” features our Nimble CEO Jon Ferrara, and his guest experts: Meddle CMO and A World Gone Social author Ted Coiné and IBM digital engagement strategist and founder of Executive Social Academy Jim Claussen.

Today we’re bringing back one of our favorite webinars for every leader who wants to earn the benefits of a social and inspired team.

It’s no secret that a strong work culture has become essential to securing the top talent and keeping influential, inspired people in your company. As mentioned in the webinar and first stated by Richard Branson,“Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.”

[Tweet ““Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.””] Leaders should strive to create an open, transparent environment that engages their employees and helps them create and share their personal brand.

From the individual’s position, their brand and professional network is their net worth. An individual must share their skills, experiences, tools, connections and resources to further their reach and increase their value. If a company assists their employees’ independent motivations, the company receives collective social capital of networked employees to drive innovation and create new value for the company.

Take IBM’s socially connected workforce. Each employee is encouraged to share content, daily insights and their passions with the world. In return, IBM gets priceless data on what engages their audience, an authentic connection with their network and employees who feel like they are gaining on a personal level from their efforts.

To learn more about the mutually beneficial relationship between a forward-thinking company and social employees, the ingenuity of IBM and social expertise from Jim, Ted and Jon, please click on the video below:

Social Business Powered by Social Employees – Bring Your Network To Work 12-11-14, 10.01 AM from Nimble Marketing on Vimeo.