4 Reasons Prospects Don’t Buy From Your Company

Have you ever wondered why making a sale or getting a contract just didn’t happen? Why don’t prospects buy from your company when it appears the green light is on to close a deal?

It’s happened to all of us at one time or another.

Here are 4 reasons why prospects say “no” rather than “yes” to a sale, signing the contract or closing a deal you were counting on:

Trust. The prospect just doesn’t trust you. 

Business relationships are built on trustYour sales presentation must convince the prospect to buy from you. There must be trust and confidence you will deliver what your company is promising. Otherwise, you haven’t made a connection with the buyer. To the buyer you appear like any other sales person who has walked through the door. The prospect may listen but when you finish the presentation you are just going to get a “no”.  No trust. No sale.

There just is no need.

You can have the best presentation in the world but if you’re trying to sell the prospect something they don’t need (or perceive they don’t need) they are just not going to buy from you. Qualify the prospect so you can understand what the needs are. Ask lots of questions. Keep the conversation going. Sell to those needs. Would you spend your money and buy something that you didn’t need just because someone is selling it?

You haven’t created an urgency for your prospect to buy from you.

There must be a compelling enough reason for the prospect to buy from you. The prospect may have a need for your product or service but if your presentation is dull and boring; if you’ve created no urgency or excitement; if you haven’t created a picture of profit and success for the potential client, then the prospect won’t buy from you. You need to be like an artist. Only you use words, examples, analogies and graphics to show the potential customer how your product or service is going to help them. Overall, how it will benefit them? If you can convince the prospect of the benefits your product or service offers, they will buy from you.

You sound just like everybody else. 

You’ve read the sales books but there is nothing original in your presentation. No passion. No unique points of difference. No reason to buy. If the prospect closed their eyes they wouldn’t even know you were there. It could be almost anyone that presented to them. You can’t just be another sales person to win sales and contracts. Selling is not just showing up and pitching a product or service.

It’s educating yourself as to understanding:

  • How to communicate with prospects
  • How your product or service is different
  • What sets your company apart from others
  • How if they buy from you, it benefits the customer and solves a problem.

Notice that price is never mentioned in any of the four reasons why prospects say “no” to buying from your company. Often, people make final buying decisions on much more than price. What makes people buy is having their needs met with your product or service from a company and business person they can trust.

To your success!