New Contact Segmentation to Help You Prospect Smarter

New Contact Segmentation to Help You Prospect Smarter

Nimble has evolved into a Social Sales and Marketing CRM that works for you by automatically creating and updating contacts with the details you need to engage effectively, everywhere you work.  

Our New Contact Search and Segmentation makes it simple to identify people and companies to reach out to by enabling searches on the social data we enrich Nimble contacts with.


This whole new way to search and segment people and companies combined with our new group messaging will forever change the way you reach out to nurture relationships.

This is one of the final components we are preparing for our upcoming Nimble 4.0 launch.

Social Data Enrichment

Nimble automatically enriches your contacts with actionable details from public and private databases, including social profile information and company demographics.

We put the enriched people and company data into the Social Profiles section of Nimble and now with Smart Segmentation, you can use it to find contacts to connect with.

Smart Segmentation is a New Way to Search

Explore a whole new way to search and segment contacts. Nimble’s Smart Segmentation makes it easier to find people and companies that are important for your business.


Quick Filters Make Segmentation Fast and Easy

Our eight new Quick Filters make it easy to select common search criterias such as Name, Company, Title, Location, Education, Bio, Interests, and Tags.

Nimble Smart Segmentation

Search on Social Profile Information

With this update, all social profile fields are now searchable with Nimble’s new Social Segmentation. This means that you can search specifically within the contact fields for contacts’ Twitter, Facebook, Klout, AngelList, Instagram, Foursquare, and Google + profiles. Search on connection status, following/follower, and more.

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 2.50.06 PM

Group Messaging Makes Outreach Easy

After you create a smart segment, take action by sending a targeted group message.  One of the first actions we’ve added for Smart Segmentation is sending targeted Group Messages to your contacts. By building targeted sets of contacts, you can personalize emails to be more effective in your outreach.

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  1. This is great! especially smart segmentation.

  2. Natalie Hodge says:

    I find this ironic! I am having a terrible problem with your email server SiMPLY NOT WORKING since your latest update. Emails show ” email sent” but they are NOT sent. This has been since June 6th and it has slowed down our team considerably. I sent a support request, it was completely ignored for weeks, posted a serious comment about the problem in uservoice, and I jsut sent an email now testing it and it is NOT showing up as sent either within NIMBLE’s system or in the actual gmail server. I need help with this ASAP or you will definitely lost a customer. COme on guys, you are better than this. Please have someone email me at today with a plan for resolution of this persistent problem.

  3. Michaela Prouzova says:

    Hi Natalie, thank you for reaching out. I’m very sorry to hear that you did not receive a reply to your initial inquiry. We double checked in our helpdesk, and we did receive your email, however it seems that our Care Ninja’s reply on June 30th did not arrive at your inbox. We will be in touch today, please keep an eye out for our email!

  4. I have been thinking about this move too long. I would like to see it work by someone using it. Is that possible?

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