When You Think You’ve Done Enough, Do One More Thing For Business Success

Do you consider yourself to be a very successful business person? Or perhaps a business person on your way to becoming very successful? However you consider yourself in the world of business, you always need to think through your daily activities, including phone calls, messages and meetings to feel accomplished. To make the day successful, productive and profitable.  Here’s a business success tip: When you think you’ve done enough for the day, do just a little bit more. In other words, do one more thing for business success. Make sure you continue to be successful. Keep the business momentum up!

If you are right now on top of your business game you can’t just sit by, watch the view from your office window, and say: I am doing well! Now is the time, when you are doing well, to make that next business deal, to make innovations in the company that will propel it into the future of business or to find that next great, perfect match employee.

You can’t just sit by and be comfortable in a position sitting on past business achievements.

It’s about what’s going to happen tomorrow.

If you don’t consciously work on what going to happen tomorrow and you aren’t on top of your business game consistently, the time will quickly go by till one day you stop and say to yourself:


  • What happened?
  • What happened to the business?
  • What happened to my success?


The business momentum you were enjoying suddenly comes to a halt.

Now what?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

It’s about:

  • Having the business vision
  • Absolutely understanding what you need to do each business day
  • Taking one more step.

Doing one more thing before the end of the business day for success.

For example, reaching out to one more business prospect may lead to more new business. All it takes is one call. One email. One social business interaction. It can open new business opportunities instantly you never could have imagined. It keeps you moving forward with success.

But what if right now you’re not as successful as you would like to be?

Say to yourself:


  • What can I do better?
  • What am I not doing correctly?
  • What needs to change?
  • How do I do the one thing that’s going to get me to what I want to be in business?

Business success is about not standing still. In today’s fast paced business world, you can’t stand still as you’ll get left behind. Your co-workers and competitors will pass you by.

As the saying goes: If you stand still moss will grow on you.

Don’t let that happen!

It’s just a fact: You must be in ACTION in business. Make it HAPPEN!

Say to yourself:

I know where I am. I know where I’ve come from to get here. Where do I want to be? How do I get there?

If you understand where you want to be and put a plan together with realistic goals, you’ll get there within the timetable set forth and updated along the way. The key is to keep moving forward. To make progress.

When you reach those business goals and get to the place you envisioned, the best thing you can do is reevaluate your goals and do one more thing: Go for the next set of goals. Go for the next business challenge. If you continue to do that, you will be successful.

I am not talking about working 80 hours a week. I’m talking about being more effective at what you do each business day. But don’t stop there. Remember to always do one more thing, whatever it may be, each day for more business success.

Find some quiet time and sit down to think about exactly what needs to be done; what needs to be eliminated from your life – business and personal – that no longer works for you. Delegate what you can. If you are a successful CEO, founder or business owner, hire an assistant. Give yourself the necessary time to think about the big picture. Then put it into action.

Starting today, choose to do one more thing for business success. Then watch the positive business results increase day by day.

To your success!