Free CRM for Veteran Entrepreneurs

Free CRM for a year for US veterans

CRM for Veteran Entrepreneurs: Nimble is offering a free one-year license to all veterans and active-duty members of the United States Military as a thank-you for their service. 

The Nimble team holds immense respect for the unwavering loyalty, dedication, and sacrifices made by U.S. service members and is eager to contribute to their entrepreneurial journey. Nimble firmly believes that the skills acquired during active duty serve as an ideal foundation for achieving success in business endeavors.

How Nimble Benefits U.S. Service Members

Veterans encounter a distinct array of hurdles in addition to the challenges typical entrepreneurs face when embarking on their business expansion journey. This is why Nimble is dedicated to providing support to veterans by extending a complimentary year of their platform, coupled with personalized one-on-one onboarding and training sessions conducted by the Nimble team. Veterans will gain access to an integrated contact database that caters to their needs across various work environments, encompassing social platforms, websites, email inboxes, and third-party business applications. This database will furnish them with the essential business and social insights necessary to cultivate stronger, more meaningful relationships.

Who Uses Nimble CRM?

Nimble offers valuable advantages for veteran entrepreneurs, business owners, job seekers, and any veterans looking to handle their business and personal connections effectively. Nimble is the perfect CRM for veteran entrepreneurs as it simplifies the management of business contacts, facilitates the expansion of professional networks, and empowers the development of robust relationships with prospects, partners, and customers. It enables users to channel their focus towards selling rather than getting bogged down in time-consuming tasks like data entry.

CRM for Veteran Entrepreneurs: Best Features

Nimble offers an impressive array of tools and capabilities meticulously designed to supercharge your prospecting and contact management. Its approach to prospecting and contact management is all about finesse and efficiency.

Picture Nimble Prospector as your trusted ally, accompanying you on your quest to discover and connect with potential leads. It’s like having an experienced wingman who makes it effortless for you to expand your professional network across various platforms, no matter where your work takes you. Building meaningful relationships becomes a breeze, thanks to the streamlined approach that Nimble Prospector provides.

Best Features to Grow Your Business

But the real game-changer is Nimble’s Web Forms feature. It’s like having a master key that unlocks the doors to lead generation success. You can efficiently capture vital contact information from emails, social media interactions, and embedded forms on your website, consolidating these leads in one centralized hub. This feature simplifies the chaos and equips you with a well-organized repository of leads, putting you in complete control.

Nimble's Web Forms

Now, let’s talk about engagement—the heart of your professional journey. Nimble’s Workflows come into play as your experienced guide. They’re the ones who help you save precious time and maintain an unwavering focus on a consistent follow-up process for your contacts. By setting up stages in your workflow, you can easily discern where each contact stands in your process. The automation seamlessly handles task reminders, email communications, and meeting schedules, ensuring you never miss a crucial step in your quest to nurture valuable connections.

Nimble's Workflows

Last but not least, Nimble’s Deals feature is like your personal strategist on the battlefield of sales. It empowers you with the tools to effectively manage your sales opportunities. With a crystal-clear view of your sales pipeline, you can confidently navigate the process, track your progress, and seal deals successfully.

Nimble's Deals

By harnessing these advanced features, you’re not just streamlining your workflow; you’re revolutionizing the way you network and manage contacts. Nimble enables you to master the art of nurturing invaluable connections in any professional setting, whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a rising star in your field. It’s your ticket to staying ahead of the game and achieving excellence in your professional journey.

“Veterans find in Nimble CRM a trusted ally for their business ventures, job pursuits, and relationship management. With its user-friendly tools, Nimble streamlines the path to entrepreneurial success, career opportunities, and nurturing valuable connections, empowering veterans at every step of their journey.” – Nimble Product Marketing Lead, Jenna Dreikorn

Nimble is privileged to have the opportunity to serve those who have so graciously served this country with their sacrifice, bravery, and honor. They hope to continue to support the veteran community in the future as well.

How to Redeem Free CRM for Veterans Offer

Please follow these steps: 

a. Create a free 14-day trial here
b. Email us at [email protected] with a copy of proof of your military service, such as any of the following documents: Military ID Card, The Veterans Health Identification Card (VHIC), Driver’s License, or State ID Card with a veteran designation, Veterans ID Card, DD-214, VA Proof of Service Letter.
c. After approving your eligibility, we will extend your trial to a year.