Two Times Lucky

LuckyOne day 20 years ago, my life changed. That happened when I met the entrepreneurs behind GoldMine software. I was incredibly lucky to get involved in GoldMine when I did, and knew that the people and the vision was special right away. Driven by the desire to help business work more effectively as a team and to build better relationships with their customers, we envisioned a world where people were happier and more productive at work. I considered myself lucky to have had this experience once, but little did I know that luck would strike again.

GoldMine would go on to be one of the most successful tech brands of the 90s, winning accolades such as the prestigious 6 time winner of PC Mag Editors Choice, Inc. 500, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year and hundreds of other awards. But most importantly, GoldMine’s unique and special culture empowered and grew people to be their best. Our unique culture wasn’t only reserved for the internal GoldMine team though, it extended to include our entire community including solution partners, third party developers and end users. The key lesson I learned back then is that if you treat your customers, partners and team members with respect, empower them to make decisions that ensure positive customer experience, and listen and incorporate their feedback, the entire community will support you.

Along the way, I met hundreds of new friends (like you!) and shared nearly a decade of my life with the best in the business. Eventually, all good things must come to an end, and GoldMine and myself parted ways. I couldn’t imagine that our paths would cross again. Most people get an opportunity like this once; twice is truly remarkable. This happened when Jon Ferrara, the visionary behind GoldMine, called me and said he had yet another idea — Nimble! It was similar in its end goal of better connecting businesses with their customers, but updated to leverage the web and empower individuals and teams to better listen, engage and collaborate via Social Media.

Nimble picks up where GoldMine left off by combining web-based CRM with all the major social networks and messaging platforms that I use daily. When I saw Nimble for the first time, I watched in amazement as all of my disparate contacts, communications and Social Media streams that were once strewn across a multitude of platforms magically transformed themselves into a unified home. No more switching back and forth across a social sea, my tiny lifeboat bobbing up and down. Land ho! I felt much like Columbus must have discovering a new world and the promise it held. And just like Columbus, I can’t wait to tell everyone about it.

With that, I am happy to formally announce that I have joined Team Nimble. Founded on the same principles of empowering a business to truly connect with its customers, Nimble is designed to keep up with today’s demands of a digital and social marketplace. Nimble zips you through all your social networks with speed, touching all of the people you know and helping you get to know the ones you don’t know yet. It does so with a comfort and ease that feels “right” because it works the way you do.

In my job as Director of PR at Nimble, I’ll continue to lead the charge to connect the Nimble brand and story to the editorial and analyst community. I’ll be here to answer press questions and engage with our community. I’ll be here evangelizing the brand and ensuring that Nimble stays top of mind with the technology and business press, and that the major events in the life of Nimble resonate with the community.

Nimble is the manifestation of Jon’s philosophy…“It’s not about how many people you know, but how many lives you touch.” I like that. And I think you will, too.