Nimble Crowned #1 Sales Intelligence Tool for Small Business in Customer Satisfaction by G2 Crowd 6th Year in a Row

Microsoft Office 365 G Suite Users have honored Nimble as the Top Sales Intelligence Software Tool for Small Business Satisfaction and overall Market Leader for the sixth consecutive time on G2 Crowd (the world’s leading business software reviews platform). Thousands of happy customers say Nimble has the best ROI, smoothest implementation, and is the easiest to use CRM for sales insights and prospecting. 

Nimble has been named a Sales Intelligence Leader based on receiving a high Customer Satisfaction score and having a large Market Presence. Ninety seven percent of Office 365 and G Suite users rated it 4 or 5 stars; 95% of users believe it’s “headed in the right direction;” and 92% said they would be likely to recommend Nimble.  

The Simple, Smart CRM That Works for You

“We believe a CRM should deliver the social and business context you need to prospect smarter, add the right people to your database, and turn every interaction into a mutually beneficial opportunity everywhere you work. Our customers agree,” said Jon Ferrara, CEO of Nimble. “We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to thousands of users who continue to share their Nimble experiences and successes, boosting us to the top sales intelligence tool for small businesses for the sixth consecutive time.”

Nimble: Market Leader in the CRM and Email Tracking Categories

“Nimble’s unified relationship manager and automatically enriched profiles help us have more productive meetings prospective clients, drive more business opportunities, and propel our rapid growth,” explained Anthony Miller CEO of IT consultancy WOT-LINK. He recommends Nimble for the majority of his Office 365 clients. “The strategic alignment between Nimble and Microsoft gives us the features, functionality, and capabilities we wouldn’t get without having to spend a fortune and make the effort to onboard another CRM solution that won’t fulfill our needs.”

Most of our customers aren’t using a CRM system that can handle profile enrichment or keep the data structure intact,” said Brad Banyas, CEO of SaaS provider OMI. He uses Nimble to enrich contacts inside Salesforce; he advises his clients to do the same. “It doesn’t matter what CRM system you are using because it can’t do what Nimble can do. Nimble is very complimentary to any CRM system, and can be integrated with G Suite and many different SaaS products for a truly powerful solution that helps companies elevate relationship-building efforts and be successful.”

Inside sales are the lifeblood of FirstCut.IO’s growth engine, and our main lead source is AngelList,” explained Jorge Soto, CEO of FirstCut. His team became avid Nimble users when Nimble released Prospector, a built-in sales intelligence feature that enables users to quickly discover emails, phone numbers, and address details. Not only can I find contact information within AngelList, but I also get social information, I get hooks into the CRM, and I can export this information directly from the plugin without tedious cross-tabbing.”

Soto reports a 10x productivity increase when using Nimble.

The Reviews Are In

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