Top 50 Speakers to Connect with at #SMMW19

Entering its seventh year, Social Media Marketing World is among the largest gathering of marketers and influencers from around the world who travel to San Diego each year to learn business-building ideas.

Attending Social Media Marketing World is a must for anyone in the social business space, and is a great environment for individuals and brands to stay up-to-date with emerging trends and technology in the space.  

Follow this year’s #SMMW19 conversations with our Top 50 #SMMW19 Twitter List.

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Here’s a list of all of this year’s #SMMW19 Speakers too!

In alphabetical order, 50 influencers we’ll be following at Social Media Marketing World 2019:


Jay Baer

How to Turn Your Customers Into Volunteer Marketers

Friday, 1:30 PM; 29ABCD
Twitter: @jaybaer


Oli Billson 

How to Use Facebook Lead Ads to Improve Your Leads and Sales

Friday, 3:40 PM; 28ABCD
Twitter: @Oli_Billson


Roberto Blake 

How Marketers Can Make Videos From Scratch

Friday, 11:20 AM; Content Stage B
Twitter: @robertoblake


Shelita Burke

Advanced Twitter Marketing Strategies to Promote and Grow Your Business
Friday, 1:30 PM; 24ABC
Twitter: @ShelitaBurke


Goldie Chan

Marketing Your Business with Linkedin Video

Friday, 11:20 AM; 31 ABC
Twitter: @GoldieChan


Ian Cleary

Tools and Tactics to Optimize Your Content Marketing

Friday, 3:40 PM; 30ABCDE
Twitter: @IanCleary


Megan Conley

Influencer Marketing: Lessons From the Trenches

Thursday, 11:35 AM; 24ABC
Twitter: @megconley


Andy Crestodina

How to Analyze Your Content Using Google Analytics: Insights and Actions
Friday, 10:15 AM; 31ABC
Twitter: @crestodina


Melanie Deziel 

How to Create a Content Plan that Scales 

Thursday, 2:00 PM; 28ABCD
Twitter: @mdeziel


Steve Dotto 

How to Quickly Create Videos With Screencasting

Thursday, 11:35 AM; Content Stage B
Twitter: @dottotech


Brian Fanzo 

How to Turn Your Fans into Influencers

Friday, 10:15 AM; 29ABCD
Twitter: @iSocialFanz


Rachel Farnsworth

How to Create Videos That Perform Organically on Facebook

Friday, 3:40 PM; 29ABCD
Twitter: @thestayhomechef


Peg Fitzpatrick 

How to Use Pinterest to Grow Your Leads and Your Email List

Friday, 1:30 PM; 33ABC
Twitter: @PegFitzpatrick


Pat Flynn 

How to Discover Your Next Business Idea

Wednesday, 3:50 PM; 24ABC
Twitter: @PatFlynn


Erin Gargan King

How to Create Profitable Alignment Between Social Marketing and Social Selling
Thursday, 2:00 PM; 25ABC
Twitter: @eringarganking


Carlos Gil 

Advanced Strategies for Turning Employees to Brand Advocates

Friday, 1:30 PM; 25ABC
Twitter: @carlosgil83


Dan Gingiss

How to Get People Talking Positively About Your Brand In Social Media
Friday, 2:35 PM; 25ABC
Twitter: @dginggiss


Ian Anderson Gray

Proven Tools and Techniques to Improve Your Live Video Broadcasts
Thursday, 3:05 PM; Content Stage
Twitter: @iagdotme


Ann Handley

How to Write an Email Newsletter That People Clear Their Schedules to Read
Friday, 11:20 AM; 29ABCD
Twitter: @MarketingProfs


Jenn Herman

How to Generate Leads With Instagram

Friday, 11:20 AM; 30ABCDE
Twitter: @jenns_trends


Park Howell

How to Clarify Your Brand Story to Amplify Your Impact and Simplify Your Life
Wednesday, 12:00 PM; 31ABC
Twitter: @ParkHowell


Andrew Hubbard

How to Create Low-Cost, High Impact Video Ads to Grow Your Brand and Sales
Thursday, 3:05 PM; 20D
Twitter: @A_Hubbard


Shep Hyken 

How to Use Customer Service as a Marketing Opportunity

Friday, 10:15 AM; 25ABC
Twitter: @Hyken


Chalene Johnson 

How to Develop a Loyal Tribe Using Instagram

Friday, 10:15 AM; 30ABCDE
Twitter: @ChaleneJohnson


Dan Knowlton

How to Create High-Engaging Twitter Marketing That Works

Thursday, 10:30 PM 24ABC
Twitter: @dknowlton1


Bryan Kramer

How to Build Trust and Humanize Your Brand

Thursday, 10:30 AM; 31ABC
Twitter: @bryankramer


Nicky Kriel 

How to Develop Your Monthly Twitter Plan in a Morning

Friday, 2:35 PM; 24ABC
Twitter: @NickyKriel


Amy Landino

How to Create Videos That Showcase Your Expertise: The Authority Video Method
Thursday, 2:00 PM; Content Stage B
Twitter: @Schmittastic


Sunny Lenarduzzi 

Video Marketing: How to Generate Leads and Sales With Video

Wednesday, 3:50 PM; 28ABCD
Twitter: @SunnyLenarduzzi


Stephanie Liu 

Lights, Camera, Live: How to Launch Your Facebook Live Show

Friday, 2:35 PM; Content Stage A
Twitter: @heystephanie


Tyler J. McCall 

How to Create Instagram Stories That Lead to Sales

Friday, 2:35 PM; 30ABCDE
Twitter: @tylerjmccall


Phil Mershon

How to Get Speaking Opportunities at SMMW

Friday, 2:35 PM; 30ABCDE
Twitter: @Phil_Mershon


John Nemo 

How to Generate Leads and Sell on LinkedIn (Without Being Sales-y or Spammy)
Thursday, 4:10 PM; 33ABC
Twitter: @JohnNemoPR


Jessika Philips 

Relationship ROI: Driving Business Growth by Amplifying Relationships Online
Wednesday, 2:00 PM; 25ABC
Twitter: @jessikaphillips


Rebekah Radice 

How to Make Visual Content Your Social Media Secret Weapon

Wednesday, 2:00 PM; 29ABCD
Twitter: @RebekahRadice


Ursula Ringham

Influencer Marketing: Lessons From the Trenches

Thursday, 11:35 AM; 24ABC
Twitter: @ursularingham


Robert Rose 

Content Marketing Strategy: How to Create a Successful Content Plan
Wednesday, 2:00 PM; 30ABCDE
Twitter: @Robert_Rose


Leslie Samuel 

How to Integrate Your Blog Into Your Marketing Strategy

Friday, 10:15 AM; Content Stage B
Twitter: @lesliesamuel


Mark Schaefer

Social Media Reimagined: How to Adapt to a World Without Loyalty

Friday, 4:45 PM; 20ABCD
Twitter: @markwschaefer


Neal Schaffer

How to Create an Influencer Marketing Strategy That Generates Results

Thursday 3:05 PM 24ABC
Twitter: @NealSchaffer


Marcus Sheridan 

How Radical Transparency With Video Can Explode Your Business and Bottom Line
Friday, 2:35 PM; 29ABCD
Twitter: @TheSalesLion


Madalyn Sklar 

Using Twitter Video to Grow Your Audience

Thursday 2:00 PM; 24ABC
Twitter: @MadalynSklar


Mari Smith 

Facebook Marketing In a Changing World: Your Road Map for The Future
Friday, 8:30 AM; 20ABCD
Twitter: @MariSmith


Brian Solis 

The Rise of Digital Distraction: How Businesses (and You) Need to Change
Thursday, 11:35 AM; 29ABCD
Twitter: @briansolis


Cate Stillman 

How to Grow a Vibrant Community Using Social Media

Thursday, 10:30 AM 29ABCD
Twitter: @catestillman


Chris Strub

How to Network and Build Your Authority on Twitter

Friday, 3:40 PM; 24ABC
Twitter: @ChrisStrub


Viveka von Rosen 

A LinkedIn Content Marketing Strategy to Catapult Your Visibility, Credibility, and Business
Friday 10:15 AM; 24ABC
Twitter: @linkedinexpert


Susan Wenograd 

How to Build an Effective Facebook Funnel

Friday, 2:35 PM; 20D
Twitter: @SusanEDub


AJ Wilcox 

Advanced Advertising on LinkedIn

Friday, 3:40 PM; 31ABC
Twitter: @wilcoxaj


Travis Wright

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: What Marketers Need to Know

Wednesday, 3:50 PM; 33ABC
Twitter: @teedubya