Ten Simple Sales Hacks the Pros Use to Close More Deals

Many modern sellers, marketers, and representatives of other professions are oblivious to basic sales techniques and do not know how to close a deal in sales.

Closing a Sale

Closing the sale is tough. Indeed, at this stage, the client must make the final decision on the purchase. The task of the seller is to gently and correctly push the customer to make a decision.

There are thousands of trading companies, but only dozens truly succeed. Ensuring high sales is all about finding the right approach and employing the most effective selling techniques to suit your demo.

Ways to Close More Sales Deals

Closing a sale is the final stage of a sales funnel. If its implementation is thoroughly thought over, your client will bring you new leads and turn to your services again. It is very important to choose the right words because this is a decisive moment that determines whether your efforts will be worth anything.

Without a sense of risk, the successful completion of the transaction would not be so exciting. This excitement forces sellers to constantly strive for more. Since sales professionals are expected to achieve optimal results through their efforts, over time a great variety of effective sales techniques have been developed. A lot of these rely on subtle psychological tricks to urge a customer to purchase.

In short, when interacting with the buyer, sellers should strive to:

  • Discover customer needs
  • Explain how specific products or services provide an affordable and acceptable solution to these needs

Do you think you can successfully cope with your responsibilities without outside counsel?

Now imagine this situation: your customer has already agreed to buy something large-scale, and it seems to you that the transaction is already in your pocket. However, if your speech starts to sound crumpled from overwhelming excitement, or if you lose the thread of the conversation altogether, this can lead to the client changing their mind. Not the best outcome of events, is it?

That is why we’re highlighting ten effective tips for closing a sale. When these are actively implemented, one should have no problems when closing a sale.

closing sales

Effective Sales Strategies

A correct sales strategy is based on what you sell, to whom you sell, and how you sell. In addition, you should also consider the features of the product and customers.

When you fully deploy your business, you will need to monitor changes in customer preferences, their needs, and desires. If you keep track of these changes, you can adjust your tactics in a timely manner and increase sales. In order to become the best in your work, you need to be courteous with customers and be able to correctly present information about a product, so you could employ sales techniques and strategies efficiently despite the kind of your trade — online or offline.

Top Ten Successful Sales Techniques Road-Tested by Pros

Every successful salesperson has their own tricks used to sell a product to a customer. There are a lot of the best sales techniques that traders implement in their work with the customer.

The theoretical knowledge of these techniques is, of course, necessary but much more important is the ability to put them into practice. A trader should be able to find an individual approach to each client and to feel which particular method will be most effective at the moment.

1. Employ visuals

Humans receive 20 times more information with their eyes than their ears. Many sellers ignore this nuance and do not apply any additional visualization during sales.

Imagine if someone was trying to sell you a scarf. It would be less effective if they simply spoke about how warm and beautiful the scarf is. However, if they were to actually wind the scarf around your neck, or show you the various ways in which it can be tied, the scarf would appear way more appealing.

In an online shop, each item should be accompanied by high-quality photographs displaying it from every possible angle and video reviews. Some companies even provide 3D-models of sold products which allow a buyer to rotate it however and zoom to any detail.

2. Make the customer the hero

If it’s a brick and mortar store, you should not immediately jump on the client and start selling to them as soon as they walk through your door.¬† The client must feel important. Give them a minute to look around, get comfortable, and let them come up to you. Of course, be sure to greet the client with a smile. Give them some kind of unobtrusive compliment or start a conversation with some unrelated phrase, about the weather, for example.

Being friendly is one of the most effective sales strategies. If you are calling a lead by phone, be respectful and forthcoming, spend time asking unobtrusive personal questions and look for things to praise them for.

3. Show interest in your customer’s concerns¬†

During the sale process, show interest in your customer’s concerns that may be holding them back. Whatever you do, even if you just called – always ask the client if they have any outstanding apprehension. Some people can be quite uncertain, and you need to offer several variants.

This will help to make the completion of the transaction closer. Be prepared for the fact that this moment may come unexpectedly. A common mistake of inexperienced sellers is to take many steps at once, without trying to close the deal.

4. Make a minimum of five attempts to reach leads

Persistence often pushes customers away. At some point, the client might want to refuse the proposition and search for more information on the Internet. Let them do it without losing enthusiasm.

If you spoke the truth, tried to help, taking into account the needs of the client, were active, and the information that the client finds on the internet coincides with what you said, the person will most likely return to you. If not, you can always try to reach them again in several days. Be polite and respectful, ask about their concerns. Also, you can propose more options or some additional bonuses to sweeten the deal.

5. Use social media to sell

It is important to make sure that information about your company is available on social networks. In today’s world, people are present at least in one of the social networks. Give customers the opportunity to learn about your products, store or company from a variety of sources. You can use Instagram or Facebook, for example, to close more sales deals.

6. Elaborate objections

If a client expresses a negative opinion, address it in a friendly manner. Never should you argue with them or press them to change their opinion. Try to level the objection, challenge it cleverly or offer some kind of small compensation, like a discount or a bonus. Focus not on your emotions but on your goal: closing a sale.

7. Pick the right time to call your leads

Studies show that the most effective days to generate sales are Wednesday and Thursday. According to calculations, on Wednesday and Thursday, you have a greater chance of closing the deal, even in primary contact with a potential client.

The best time to call your contact is from 8 am to 9 am or 4 pm – 5 pm local time. The worst time of the day to try to contact the lead is at lunchtime. The chances of making a deal with a customer are 164% higher when you call at a favorable time (4 pm – 5 pm). You should not choose the most unfortunate time, namely from 1 pm to 2 pm.

8. Believe in yourself

Good sellers believe in themselves and their products. They transmit inner enthusiasm to the buyer. 95% of our thoughts are subconscious. We rarely rationalize our impulses, make purchases under the influence of emotions, and tend to believe confident people the most.

Be as sure as possible when presenting a particular item. If the seller’s confidence is lacking, a vacuum is formed, which is difficult to fill. And this, in turn, gives rise to a number of doubts, anxieties, and distrust from the buyer.

9. Create a sense of urgency

Probably the most tried-and-true trick of the trade, and one of the most successful sales techniques, is proposing limited-time offer discounts and deals. People tend to buy more when they are under the influence of the feeling of missing some kind of profit.

10. Never speak poorly about your competition

When a person knows what they want, they are motivated enough already and you should not motivate them more, especially with black PR.

In the business world, scolding a competitor directly and blatantly is considered bad taste. Besides, when you slur competitors or hem their products, you inadvertently inspire doubt. Most often, people subconsciously do not trust those who scold others. After all, everything that person says characterizes themselves more than those they talk bad about. Moreover, this demonstrates that you have little faith in your products.


As you can see, the closing of sales is the same mandatory preparation stage as all the previous sales funnel stages. Without it, the ending of your performance as a salesman will be blurred, or you may even leave a negative impression on the client. In turn, following these simple rules will help you to uphold the positive image of your brand throughout the entire communication with the client.

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