Top 10 Sales Pitch Ideas That Inspire Prospects

Have you ever wondered why some companies which produce innovative and creative products have small profits? Usually, it happens because they focus on the product and forget about the sales. That is the reason why top companies employ professional salesmen.

You may say that all successful people are born sellers. However, that is not true. If you aim to become a winning salesman, you can learn to be one.

The first step to selling your product is to introduce it to customers. Luckily, there is a well-proven technique that will help you to do this effectively. We are talking about a sales pitch. In our material, you will find amazing and creative sales pitch ideas.

What Is a Sales Pitch?

In case you aren’t familiar with this term, here is some explanation.

A sales pitch is a short story or speech that aims to persuade people to buy your product. You must have heard some from TV advertisements or read them in newspapers and e-mails.

The sales speech usually presents the product in a way that attracts attention. That is the reason why some people use sales pitch ideas for speech class. It is a selling technique necessary for every successful entrepreneur.


Sales Pitch Ideas That Inspire Prospects


Reasons to Use Sales Pitch

Of course, the primary goal of any sales pitch is to attract potential customers. It also works as a promotion of your product and has an impact on your brand image.

There are several reasons why you should include a sales pitch in your marketing strategy:

  • it’s a quick selling technique – it only takes a few minutes to catch your customers’ attention;
  • it has multiple applications – a sales pitch will help to start a conversation on phone or via email; you can use it for a meeting with investors, for writing sales materials, etc;
  • it creates communication channels – a good sales pitch involves people in dialogue, so you will have an opportunity to both sell the product and get to know your customer.

Any sales pitch you create should contain a clear message for customers. However, you shouldn’t always get straight to persuading people to instantly buy your product.

Build your sales pitch to ask people to call you, visit your website or participate in a meeting. To elaborate on this, we have some great sales pitch examples at the end of this article.

Top 10 Sales Pitch Ideas

If you are a young entrepreneur but not a salesman, it can be challenging to create a good sales pitch. However, you can always search for some samples for inspiration.

Sales Pitch Ideas That Inspire Prospects


Here are ten of the best sales pitch ideas for you:

1. Focus on 3 points

The right sales pitch is usually short. Therefore, you will not be able to describe all the characteristics of your product or mention a lot of facts. Instead, pick no more than three theses and describe them in your pitch. People cannot perceive many details, but they will certainly remember three main ideas.

2. Dichotomy

Begin your speech with an undeniable truth, a statement with which your audience can readily agree. Then present a reality that opposes your statement and creates problems. Finally, find a solution and show it to people. This pitch will help your customers feel the difference and see your product as a helpful solution.

3. Use flattery

Yes, we all like being complimented. It improves our mood and increases our level of self-esteem. Therefore, you can use flattery in your sales pitch. Even if customers understand that you have an ulterior motive, subconsciously they will feel pleased. As a result, they will be more likely to respond to your request.

4. Pique technique

Sometimes it is hard to find an opening line for your pitch. The pique technique can help. Start your sales pitch with a question which will have people wondering why you’re asking it. Intrigue helps to get people interested and make them wonder what happens next.

5. Try to rhyme

It is one of the somewhat funny sales pitch ideas, but it works. We’ve all had some ad rhymes stuck in our heads at some point. Rhyming lines are easy to remember; therefore your sales pitch will be more effective.  However, don’t write the entire pitch in the form of a poem, it can sound silly. A few lines will be enough.

6.Educative facts

Modern sales pitches are not targeting selling itself. They are built with the aim to help customers understand your products. Therefore, you can describe some modern tendencies or include statistics in your pitch. It will be very helpful when introducing your product to a new audience. What is more, using facts will make your sales pitch more trustworthy.

7. Emotional pitch

Try to understand the personal values of your potential customers. Then build your sales pitch related to their experience. Such a pitch will be more personal and as a result will get more approval from the audience. If your message sparks sympathy, people will feel that they can trust you. This is how emotions will drive them to act.

8. Focus on the audience

There are many good sales pitch ideas that fail because they are targeting wrong people. As a salesman, you should know both your product’s characteristics and your audience’s preferences.

Try to figure out why people may be interested in your company, what problems they have and what solutions you can offer. Make a sales pitch which describes your product in a manner convenient for the audience.

9. Tell a story

When we were children, we all loved listening to stories. Luckily, stories still hold the same appeal for adults. Storytelling can be a great way to catch the attention of your customers. Include some details to make your story more realistic and personal. However, keep it short enough to keep the audience from getting bored.

10.Avoid metaphors

It can be tempting to use them and make your pitch sound more like a story. However, in most cases, it just confuses the customers. Remember to make the sales peach clear to your audience. If you want to use a metaphor, pick one that is more familiar to your listeners.

How to Create a Winning Sales Pitch

There are different types of sales pitches. However, all successful pitches have some features in common. There are some rules you need to keep in mind when choosing one of the selling pitch ideas.

First of all, try to make your sales pitch short and precise. You will only have a few minutes to catch the audience’s attention, so don’t fill them with meaningless talk.

Furthermore, create a clear structure. If you are making a speech, do not forget to plan. Your sale pitch can be in the form of discussion or monologue, however, double-check if the format is appropriate.

Remember to create a new pitch for a new audience. Use appropriate terms and examples to prevent misunderstandings. Furthermore, pick one or two calls to action.

Finally, ask your audience questions to provoke further communication. And be prepared for a discussion that might arise.

Sales Pitch Ideas That Inspire Prospects


You can search the web to find some great sales pitch examples. However, you don’t need to: we have some for you right here.

Let’s start with a story by Amy Cuddy. Her speech is short, but at the same time, it grabs our attention. Moreover, this story is emotional and has a clear structure, which helps the speaker to deliver her message.

Another example of a great inspirational video is one created by CharityWater. It effectively combines storytelling with educative material.

Finally, you can learn how to create a sales pitch that fits into one line. Check out this fantastic video by Conga. This can be a great example to refer to when generating your own sales pitch speech ideas.


Now you know much more about sales pitches. It is a great selling technique that can be applied both online and offline. We hope that our material helped you to create a successful sales pitch for your business promotion.

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