Sales Automation CRM for Business

Sales Automation CRM

The bigger your company grows, the bigger the need to scale your workflow processes, team communication, data collection, and analysis becomes. The most painless and optimal way to go about such decisions is thorough business process automation. 

Best Sales Automation CRMs

1. CRM
2. Zoho CRM
3. Pipedrive

What is Sales Automation & How is it Useful?

There is specialized software that helps you automate routine in-house processes in your sales department. With that, you get new insightful features to optimize the department’s overall performance and free up time for your employees to focus on meaningful tasks. 

Sell More in Less Time

CRMSimplified conducted research focused on sales managers. Based on the survey, 75% of managers noted that integrating a CRM with automation capacities helped them achieve a 300% boost in regular sales rates. 

Major Types Of Automation for Sales  

There are a bunch of key methods of automating sales that will help you accelerate the workflow and boost your KPI score, including:

  • Automated record creation – e.g., the software scans your client profiles & automatically creates dedicated cards in the CRM system;
  • Automated activity logging – e.g., a CRM collects client profiles for further contact;
  • Automated research – e.g., the software helps to better identify clients based on the data related to them available online;
  • Automated data entry – allows sales managers to stop dialing numbers manually once & for all;
  • Communication automation – smooth out communication on every other sales funnel stage;
  • Lead management automation – helps sales managers with decision-making;
  • Automated guidance – provides sale stages-related advice for managers to boost the selling process.

How Does Sales Automation Software Help Develop Business?

The main purpose of CRM in automating sales is to increase the quality and speed of your in-house sales managers’ performance to advance the level of income as a result. Automating routine tasks means giving employees more time and mental clarity for client communication and excludes human factor-caused errors. 

Benefits of Automating Sales Processes

With some proper adjustment, your sales automation software will accelerate the workflow, making everything at least two times faster, as well as help you:

  • Enhance client experience during repeated servicing – CRM allows immediately viewing all the related information when communicating with clients;
  • Predict sales rates based on deal-making statistics & sales funnel passing speed more precisely;
  • Collect & segment databases conveniently;
  • Reduce expenses & boost performance by monitoring the quality of managers’ work.

One of the main benefits of the CRM with sales automation capacities is analysis – you can identify errors, miscalculations, inaccuracies in real time in order to avoid them later on.

Types of Sales Automation Systems 

sales automation crm

Selecting a CRM system, first, define your key business goals. Choose the most proper platform in accordance. There are 3 major types of such systems that differ in terms of functionality and use methods. Let’s take a look. 

Operational CRM

These are intended for automation and optimizing business processes in sales, marketing, and client service. They allow to very conveniently track the client’s path throughout the sales funnel, optimizing the sales and collecting more contacts along. 


The main goal of such CRMs is to gather and structure data for further analysis. With the help of such software, you can build in-depth visualized reports to help you make weighted business decisions more efficiently. 


Now this type of CRMs is focused on cooperation between sales, marketing, and support departments. It usually holds a database of client info and helps to synchronize the different departments’ workflow, facilitating interaction and performance within teams. 

Best Practices for Leads Management Within Nimble CRM 

In over 10 years of professional market operation, we’ve gathered some huge baggage of knowledge and experience that we initially poured into Nimble CRM. The product is focused on optimizing a wide spectrum of corporate in-house processes. It ultimately helps you get more loyal clients, govern more satisfied employees, and boost overall company profits. 

But let us share some ins and outs to point you in the most fruitful direction of CRM employment. 

Attracting potential clients via sales automation platform

In order to efficiently attract new users and clients, you can use the Nimble Prospector feature. This tool helps you to build a full user profile by specifying their common data (email address, job title, social profiles, phone number, company address, etc.). Keeping all the records in one place that can be accessed immediately helps your employees with more personalized client communication. 

Creating sales automation workflow

Nimble allows integrating all communication channels your team prefers to use into one centralized system. This will be the central headquarters of all chats, scheduled meetings, general reports, etc. 

Handling customization in CRM?

Nimble provides detailed instructions on how to import contacts, configure the mail, calendar, and other basic tools. And if you still have any questions, the dedicated support team is available 24/7.

Sharing gathered data

You can enable all data to be automatically sent to your profiles in Outlook, Microsoft Office, Dynamics, and other office systems. 

Automated customer relationship management

Being integrated by default with Office 365, Nimble CRM collects all the data inside a unified dispatcher that shares calendar appointments, chatting history, and other necessary data with the team autonomously. 

Tracking your leads & deals

Every client specified in your system has a dedicated profile that gradually gathers the whole history of interaction with your sales managers. The clients can be put into segments, making it all the easier to monitor the progress of every other person. 

Generating new leads 

Based on the deal-making statistics, you can make efficient forecasts for future deals and develop more fruitful lead generation tendencies. 

Creating & managing database

Nimble CRM provides an extensive database to fill out at your disposal. You can specify all the existing clients you have in it, accessibly update it with the new ones, and cluster your whole client-base. 

Managing your time & tasks

Nimble Task is a special feature to make your tasking routine more optimized. It helps to assign, delegate and manage tasks, make notifications about upcoming meetings and other important events, etc. 

Employing reporting, results measuring & data analysis 

Reports can also be generated automatically based on the required data. The results can be measured daily or based on weekly/monthly reports for data analysis and managing decision-making.

Choosing Fitting Nimble CRM Package

There are 2 options to choose from:

  • A version of the Outlook-compatible CRM – it collects all the info from your Outlook inbox, both from the mobile and desktop app;
  • A version of the Office 365-integrated CRM – it integrates and synchronizes data from your Office suite among all connected working elements: Outlook, Microsoft Office, Dynamics, etc. 

Advantage of Nimble CRM for Sales Automation

Nimble CRM ultimately provides a convenient, real-time updated, centralized environment where you can access all the required client data, use efficient sales management tools, initiate mass data analysis, and employ automated documentation making and reporting capabilities. 

Nimble CRM Implementation

We take all-around care of integrating the Nimble CRM system with your existing tools or configuring it from scratch according to your business specifics.

What Do Clients Say?

sales automation crm

We are good guys to work with in general. Take a look at our clients’ impressions and sales automation examples.

Reasons to Choose Nimble CRM 

Nimble is a CRM system to bundle up your whole business in one, accessible place. It thoroughly automates your most time-consuming sales processes, helps expand the client network, and analyzes all that can be analyzed. Optimize your business all-around with these readily available automation opportunities that may be priceless for you in the long run.