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CRM for remodelers and builders: Nimble software

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Finding the best CRM for remodelers is no easy task. See how a highly customizable intuitive Nimble interface can be the answer.

If you are on the lookout for the best CRM for remodelers, Nimble might be just the answer. While the software is not specifically built for remodeling purposes, it's customizable social-networking oriented interface has proven to be in high demand with remodelers in the USA and Europe alike.

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How CRMs help remodelers build their business

CRM is a vital tool for professionals in the remodeling business of all sizes: for the smaller remodeling contractors it helps to grow leads, manage deals and deliver contracted services within budget; for bigger remodeling companies the software ensures streamlining of all processes, accuracy of forecasts and budget savings. This is why a reliable CRM for home improvement is as essential to the project’s success as a job-site supervisor.

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Get a comprehensive overview of all deals, tasks, leads, and notes

No more forgetting of sending out the promised estimate or missing a fair with top suppliers. Nothing slips your mind with Nimble CRM for home builders. Dashboard screen, that can be customized to highlight priorities as per job description, ensures: all that needs your attention, gets your attention. On time. Within budget.

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Gain Insights and Keep Track of all Leads & Prospects

Nimble CRM has integrations with 165+ apps, inclusive of Office 365 and major social media. Such extensive technological outreach allows Nimble users to have critical sales data on prospects at their fingertips in one intuitive interface. No more last-minute checks on clients, partners, suppliers, employees – allow this adroit CRM software to pull all data points and present them to you in a second. Tag, segment, assign tasks and send emails from one screen.

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Managing Contracts: Major Feature in Nimble CRM for remodelers

Always stay atop of the contractual obligations signed with a specific client, supplier, partner. Keep your contracts, invoices & account documentation assigned to a deal, contact or kept with a specific tag for easy access. Nimble software is used as a go-to CRM for contractors for its easy and highly customizable tools that allow it to segment, tag and extract detailed reporting across all data points of the system.

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The impact of CRM on Remodeler Sales Figures: Grow sales by up to 29%

Being the social-networking focused CRM, Nimble is the best CRM system for remodelers when it comes to lead generation and customer retention.

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Every dollar invested in a CRM returns $8,71

If only that ROI could be extrapolated on every service and business activity! At least with this data point in mind, the decision to buy CRM software for remodelers is a no-brainer.

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Increase forecasting accuracy by up to 42%

Imagine that you provide your client with an estimate, budget, timeline, that is 95% to the reality. The word of mouth references and customer satisfaction would be best in town. Try Nimble CRM with a 14-day free trial and proceed with as little as $19 monthly subscription per user annually.

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