6 Things I Learned About Relationship Management From Mad Men’s Joan Holloway

With her pencil skirts, well-coifed hair, and business savvy by the truckload, Ms. Joan Holloway is a memorable character from the popular Mad Men series. For the Nimble team, she has provided a wealth of inspiration for current Nimble features and our future roadmap.

We talk all the time about the persona of the core Nimble customer. We call him Jack… Jack be Nimble (leave the jokes right there, pal). Jack values building business relationships as the primary way to grow his business.

Jack is damned busy, so he values efficiency and seamless productivity. And Jack is human, so he forgets things from time to time and frankly knows that he could never remember it all. Jack relies on his business tools to have his back.

Today’s business professional needs a contact relationship manager – and every Jack needs a Joan –someone who is part sales manager, part super-efficient personal assistant,  and part wizard. When we’re thinking of new features and potential integration opportunities for Nimble we often stop and say, “What would Mad Men’s Joan Holloway do?” Okay, maybe that’s not our FIRST question, but still…. And our Joan-inspired updates have been some of our most popular.

Relationship Management Tips From Mad Men’s Joan Holloway:

1. Times may change, but people still do business with people they trust and like — well-tended relationships make business happen. — with Nimble, you know when to reach out, because Nimble remembers everything.

2. Accurate, accessible, up-to-date intelligence — on all the key players — is a competitive advantage. – with Nimble, your shared history is always up to date and within easy reach.

3. Turning an idea into an action — at the moment it matters — can make or break a saleNimble lets you see “buyer triggers” and interest at the point of prospect awareness.

4. A day that starts with the right routines is a day primed for success.- Nimble Today spreads your day out before you like a newspaper.

5. Decisions are easier when you are prepared, know all the key players, and have access to all your shared history. – with Nimble, you can prepare instantly for a meeting by checking in with your contact’s recent activity online.

6. You can’t go wrong with a well-timed compliment or acknowledgment of an important milestone. – Nimble facilitates genuine, human interaction with automatic searches for promotions and birthdays.

Joan is a dream employee. And thanks to technology (just like on The Jetsons!) you can now reap the same benefits from a smart relationship manager — and, just like Joan, Nimble is also easy on the eyes.