Nimble Webinar Replay: How To Grow Your Voice Over Business with Marc Scott

Unable to attend our webinar? Don’t worry, here is an insightful Webinar Replay just for you! Learn How To Grow Your Voice Over Business with seasoned Voice Actor Marc Scott and Nimble CEO, Jon Ferrara!

Marc is a veteran voice actor with over 20 years of experience in the broadcast industry. With a deep passion for supporting others, he has created the VOpreneur community and provides coaching to fellow voice actors, guiding them through the business of voice over

Let’s dive into the Webinar Replay!

What Will You Learn?

Whether you realize it or not as a voice actor today, you’re a business owner. The CEO of your company. To establish a thriving business, it’s crucial to shift your mindset from solely thinking like an actor to thinking like an entrepreneur.

Learn how to do so in this exclusive webinar featuring Marc Scott, the original VOpreneur, as he shares his insights on leveraging Nimble over the past eight years to grow his voice over and coaching business.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why Nimble works great for voice actors
  • How to easily organize all your voice over business contacts
  • How to successfully outreach to get more gigs & track your results
  • How to setup automatic touch cycles to properly nurture relationships
  • How to track auditions and projects and always stay on top of things

Why Marc Loves Nimble

1. Lead Details

By utilizing Nimble’s Lead Details feature within a contact record, Marc effortlessly maintains a comprehensive overview of his leads. With the aid of customizable fields, Marc gains invaluable insights into the origins of his leads and their current status.

2. Advanced Segmentation

Marc highly advocates for leveraging Tags and Lead Details by employing advanced segment searches. By utilizing advanced segment searches, you can efficiently narrow down your contacts based on specific criteria tailored to your unique requirements. This enables you to precisely identify and focus on the contacts that align with your objectives.

3. Group Messaging

Once you’ve successfully employed segment searches, you can take it a step further by creating targeted group messages to engage your desired audience. This powerful feature empowers you to send messages to multiple contacts simultaneously, based on criteria that aligns perfectly with your objectives. Marc also suggests embracing the art of experimentation with group messaging to discover the most effective communication methods for your audience. Consider refining your subject lines and narrowing down your segments, and then leverage Nimble’s group message reporting to gauge the impact and effectiveness of different messaging approaches.

4. Project Tracking

Marc leverages our powerful Deals feature to meticulously monitor his auditions from inception to completion. Here’s a pro-tip: you can amplify your audition and gig tracking capabilities by utilizing our comprehensive reporting based on your deals. This allows you to delve deeper into the performance metrics of your auditions and gigs, providing invaluable insights and a holistic view of your progress.

5. Task Scheduling

Marc relies on our Task Reminders to stay on top of his demanding to-do list. In the fast-paced world of voiceover, managing tasks can become overwhelming. Marc highly recommends leveraging Nimble’s Schedule feature to seamlessly log your upcoming events, ensuring that you have a clear roadmap of your commitments. Furthermore, he advises reserving our Log Activity tab exclusively for events or tasks that have already been accomplished, allowing you to maintain a comprehensive record of your progress and accomplishments.

6. Nimble Prospector

Last but not least, Marc maximizes his efficiency by utilizing Nimble Prospector, our browser extension that seamlessly integrates his two favorite marketing tools: LinkedIn and Nimble! With Nimble Prospector, you can effortlessly hover over any website link and instantaneously generate a comprehensive contact record. Nimble takes charge by automatically populating essential information into the contact record, freeing up your valuable time to concentrate on more significant tasks.

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