Nimble Webinar: 3 Things You Need For Digital Sales Success in 2023

Digital Sales Success

Last month, our Nimble CEO Jon Ferrara, hosted a webinar with DLA Ignite founder Tim Hughes. Tim is recognized as a leading pioneer and innovator of Social Selling, and Jon is a SaaS entrepreneur and a CRM pioneer. When two recognized industry leaders and experts come together to share their knowledge and information, it’s something that you don’t want to miss! Here is the webinar replay.

What Will You Learn?

Social media has changed the world, society, and the way we do business. No longer will our buyers put up with interruptions from advertising, spam email, or cold calling, and if you do those things, what will happen? Your prospects will ignore you, block you, or both. So how can you break through the noise and get the attention of the modern empowered buyer? In this webinar, Tim discusses what you need to do now if you want your voice to be heard, whether you are trying to get a job, your next job, or trying to sell your product or service.

By watching the webinar, you will learn these four things:

  • Understanding the data on how the world has changed
  • What three things you need to do now to change how you work
  • How this will impact your success
  • Why digital knowing and doing are two very different things.

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