Nimble Tip: Save a Social Search

If you’re anything like me, you’re constantly crawling the internet in search of prospects talking about certain topics. Keywords, keywords, keywords. It can be weary having to start your search from scratch each time you have the need. No more!

Now when you do a Social Search in Nimble – you can Save It and reference it time and time again. To save a Social Search simply type your search phrase in the query field on the Signals page and then select Save Search in the results header.

Find Prospects With Keyword Searches in Nimble

Easily Access Your Saved Searches in NimbleSaved Searches are displayed in the left navigation pane on the Signals page and can easily be deleted when the search term is no longer relevant.

What’s cool is this is an automatic lead-finding opportunity! Simply save a search and then return whenever you have time. You’ll see the ability to respond to, add or otherwise engage with interesting people within Nimble to be easy and straightforward.

Nimble users can benefit from being, well, Nimble about searching for topics of interest, walking in the social river and then intelligently engaging with them via Nimble.

Easily Add New Contacts to Nimble From Search Results

Take a search to the next level by setting multiples with AND or OR like this: @nimble OR @alyson2 OR @jon_ferrara

If you have any questions regarding Saved Searches please email me: [email protected]