“Contact Data Discovered” Notification Helps Enrich Your Contact Records!

Nimble Enrichment Engine

An important part of our mission at Nimble is to make CRM easy to use. According to Nimble’s Founder and CEO, Jon Ferrara, “Most people work for their CRM — it doesn’t work for them. That’s the biggest cause of failure for CRM.” We believe that your CRM should work for you to save you time on data entry so you can focus on the work that really matters.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce that we’ve added the “Contact Data Discovered” notification to the Nimble contact record! 

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Watch this short video to find out how it works:

Get Additional Contact Details Suggested By The Nimble Enrichment Engine

Before adding this notification, you could go into the contact record and enrich your contact data with our Social Profile Finder or add the contact’s email. Oftentimes, our Nimble APIs find additional contact details, but Nimble does not automatically update contact records with additional information because we want to ensure that updates are accurate and sometimes enrichment details can be incorrect. The new “Contact Data Discovered” notification lets you know that we have found new details and enables you to review them before updating contacts.

Now, when you click on the “Contact Data Discovered” notification on the upper left of the contact record just below the avatar, a new window will open presenting data collected by the Nimble Enrichment engine. You can browse through this data and select what you would like to apply to the contact. The data suggested by the Nimble Enrichment engine includes your contact’s avatar, address(es), description, social media, and more!

View additional information collected by the Nimble Enrichment engine

Once you’ve selected your contact’s relevant information, you can merge it with the data that already exists in the contact record.

Save Time On Research And Data Entry With Nimble!

By using Nimble’s “New Contact Data Discovered” feature you no longer need to waste time Googling your contacts and tediously inputting their information. You can simply add a contact to Nimble and we’ll do all of the heavy lifting for you so you can spend your time actually forging genuine relationships with your contacts!

This feature update signifies a step towards our goal of creating a CRM that works for you, not the other way around. We invite you to try it out for yourself and follow along so you can stay in the loop with future updates as we continue to improve.

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