The work of wholesale companies is connected to dozens of business processes: purchasing, sales, transportation, and logistics. Modern CRM systems allow you to automate and streamline management at a large enterprise.

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Why Do You Need a CRM for Wholesale Companies?

The main objective of customer relationship management systems is to minimize the economic risks of the firm.
For example, to eliminate the human factor in product accounting or large transactions.
CRM also solves the problem of potential customer loss when processing orders. It is enough to follow the algorithms to close the sale successfully.
And an individual approach to partners and customers helps to increase their loyalty. It is impossible to get their commitment without meeting deadlines for fulfilling obligations.
Therefore, control over these processes is vital in the company's work.

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CRM Features for a Wholesale Company

What else CRM can do:
Systematize sales processes. Managers and management control deliveries and shipments of products, quickly find problems in the work of warehouses, departments, and staff;
Form a database of customers, suppliers, and counterparties. The system stores all documents, correspondence, and actions with customers and partners;
Save time on reporting on the activities of the organization;
Simplify order processing with search queries, sorting, and payment automation;
Improve company plans and strategy based on sales analysis and industry monitoring data.

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Nimble CRM Benefits for Wholesale

The specifics of wholesale companies must be taken into account when implementing enterprise management information systems.
Modern CRM systems contain a wide range of options for wholesalers. The formation of databases and their management. Loading files into the system takes a few minutes, and for Nimble CRM users, information about customers is transferred automatically. In the future, managers can:
easily find the right supplier or customer;
set the sorting;
segment customers - agents, distributors, partners.

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CRM Advantages for Wholesalers

Increase customer loyalty. Repeat sales are the basis of wholesale.
Databases store not only information about customers but also the history of communications.
As a result, managers find better offers for every customer quicker and easier, increasing their lifetime value - the LTV index.
Guaranteed customer retention. All transactions are stored in-house, and developers have taken care to provide differentiated access and data encryption.
Secure transactions with counterparty rating. It's enough to enter a query to find out about debts, profitability, and court decisions regarding potential business partners. Simplified analytics.
Building a sales funnel with CRM for wholesale will take a minimum of time. And the user-friendly interface is suitable for the convenient search and correction of errors and selection of tools to increase the conversion of transactions.

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How to choose CRM for wholesale

The choice of CRM for trade guarantees the security of cooperation with suppliers and will strengthen the company's position in the market.
With the CRM system, you provide transparency of management processes in the enterprise and get a simple and accessible tool for working with staff, customers, and sales.

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