Meet the New Customer Engagement Manager at Nimble, Rachel Miller

Who: Rachel Miller

Role: Customer Engagement Manager

A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.
– Michael LeBoeuf

Wondering who I am? I have a background in content marketing, graphic design, and customer experience strategy.  My areas of expertise give me the skill and mindset to create conversations that inspire, educate, and add value to the customer relationship management space.

People like doing business with people. I believe the key to social business success is transparency. As a naturally social person I view online profiles as extensions of myself. Connect with me on LinkedIn, or follow me on Twitter, and you will quickly learn that I am passionate about social media, the proud mother of a feisty toddler, and that I will always make time for a glass of wine.


What do I want? My wish is for Nimble’s digital assets to become your personal resource center for social business success. Social customer engagement is the first step to identifying and securing new business. Together we can learn, grow, and cultivate business best-practices of the future.

Who’s driving your customer engagement? Every social business needs someone to listen, direct, and foster online communications. Someone to engage, enchant, educate, and empower – not only prospects – but also existing customers, team members, and partners. Long-term engagement increases customer loyalty and brand advocacy. As the Customer Engagement Manager at Nimble my goal is to expedite the adoption of social selling. Through educating by example, and by showcasing best-practice examples of industry leaders, I will create a roadmap for social business success for you to follow.

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