How Ian Cleary Used Networking to Build a Globally Scaling Brand

Ian Cleary is a globally recognized marketer that is known for his ability to see the full picture in marketing because of his combined marketing, technology, and business skills. He shares his knowledge through an award-winning blog, at marketing conferences around the world, and through working with customers.

Ian strives to bridge the gap between marketing and tech for growing businesses. He and his team help companies that struggle in terms of the marketing and technical aspects of a business. When building his blog, Razor Social, Ian quickly realized that no matter how good his content was, his brand would never get off the ground if he didn’t get out there and network.

He knew the importance of going to every conference he could while making the most out of every opportunity to meet people in and around his brand promise.

In order to elevate his conference experiences by paving the way for genuine relationships and identify areas that he could add value to his customer’s business, Ian came up with a foolproof strategy that amplified his network to its full potential.

He began by identifying the top 100 people he wanted to continuously interact with on a regular basis. He needed to know when the last time he interacted with a given person was, and what that interaction was.

Ian relied on the power of Nimble to help grow and maintain long-lasting relationships with key influencers around the areas of marketing and social media. Nimble helped him create rich contact records with all the information he needed to know about the person and their company before each meeting and saved him a lot of time doing research.

He uses Agorapulse to manage interactions with key influencers across Twitter and Facebook. Agoragulse allows its users to schedule content, get reports, and engage social media followers with one simple tool.

In order to manage the relationships he wants to track on a daily basis, Ian uses Nimble’s Stay-in-Touch reminders to never miss a touchpoint. He also uses the Nimble browser extension to work smarter everywhere he interacts with newfound connections.

“When interacting with people on Linkedin or via email, I love to have the Nimble profile right on the side of the page [via the Smart Contacts App] so I can see exact details on the person without having to toggle away from the screen I’m on. I can also easily schedule a follow-up task to Nimble right from my web browser or inbox.”

It’s expensive to come to conferences; both the money you spend on a ticket and the time/resources you spend there. Ian has found a way to cultivate the connections built at conferences into genuine, long-lasting relationships. 

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