How to be Nimble in LinkedIn

A recurring question that we receive in our support channel is, “Why is Twitter the only social stream I can see in Nimble?  Why can’t I see my communications from LinkedIn or Facebook?”

Last year, LinkedIn shut down their API to all CRM systems and third-party sites, Nimble included.  They decided that they wanted all interactions between yourself and your contacts to take place on their interface.  Earlier this year, Facebook followed suit and shut down their API as well.

What did this mean for Nimble users?

It meant you could no longer see notifications or messages between you and your leads from these platforms on their individual contact records, taking away from the big picture of your relationship with them.  Additionally, while you may still import your contacts to Nimble from LinkedIn, Facebook removed that option entirely.

For now, we cannot bring LinkedIn or Facebook to Nimble (though if either platform decided to make their API public again we would joyfully shout it from the rooftops!).  However, the Nimble Smart Contacts App allows you to bring Nimble wherever you work, and get more out of your CRM than you could when we integrated directly with these social platforms.

Walking Through Your Contacts’ Digital Footprint

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One of your connections in LinkedIn, Sarah, has a work anniversary, and you haven’t spoken in a couple of months.  You open up the Smart Contacts App while in her profile, and it pulls up all of the information you currently have in Nimble about her.  You decide to take a look through the correspondence you and your team have had with Sarah.  With just a little bit of context, you are ready to respond to her work anniversary with more than just a “like”, you can offer meaningful outreach that may lead to a mutually beneficial networking opportunity down the road.


You would like to add a new lead to your network.  Craig has shown up multiple times in your LinkedIn feed, commenting on the activity of a different lead, as well as reading and commenting on some of the same articles as you.  You click that handy widget button in your browser, click “yes” on some matching social profiles, and Nimble has automagically built a profile for Craig that provides you enough context and insight to send more than just the generic “I would like to add you to my network” message that so many people send on LinkedIn.  You have his work history and digital footprint, which allows you to reach out with a warm call rather than a cold one.

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You may download the Nimble Smart Contacts App for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari here:

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