11 Tips to Be a Successful Marketer in 2020

Marketing is a dynamically developing sphere. Consumer preferences are constantly changing, and the approaches of marketers must change with them. This is a profession that requires continuous improvement of skills and continuous training. In this article, we will tell you how to become an excellent specialist in the field of marketing.

1. Focus on income

Marketers focused on generating revenue for the company are in great demand. Therefore, if all your efforts are aimed precisely at this, you will find great success. According to a study by  Fournaise Marketing Group, 78% of managers believe that marketing is not focused on achieving financial performance. Link marketing activities with analytics, consider the short-term and long-term goals of the enterprise, and you will become a good professional in this field. 

2. Explore the market 

In many respects, the effectiveness of marketing activities depends on the level of understanding of the market and the target audience. A marketer who knows how to understand the actions of customers and competitors can achieve a lot. Learn to make qualitative analysis and shape it into a strategy. Master all possible research methods and rely on data and intuition. Indeed, sometimes a personal conversation with a client can provide more information than a global survey. For successful marketing activities, you need to learn how to feel the market and its needs.

Studies show that 90% of consumers prefer personalization. At the same time, 80% say that they are likely to do business with companies offering personalization in their activities.

marketing personalization

3. Positive customer experience 

Being able to arouse emotions among clients is a skill that will help to become a truly good specialist. More opportunities have appeared to interact with the target audience with the advent of the Internet. Marketers can only build competent communication. Inspire the experience of successful companies to learn how to impress customers. The ability to bring results to the company through competent communication will help to gain approval in the eyes of the leader and become a valuable employee.

4. Learn to tell stories

People love stories because they connect them with themselves on an emotional level. Marketers who know how to tell great stories in their marketing campaigns achieve outstanding results. Read more and be comprehensively developed. This will help you to find unusual ideas.

5. Ongoing testing

As a rule, marketers make decisions based on intuition and their own considerations. However, really good professionals do this based on data. They constantly test advertising campaigns, prices, ads. This helps them to turn information into results. Use modern platforms and practice A / B testing. So you will achieve the best results. Even seemingly insignificant changes can greatly change the results. In the example below, the conversion rate has increased almost three times. 

ongoing marketing testing


6. Always learn 

The worst thing a marketer can do is to think that he knows everything and stop scooping up new information. Marketing is constantly changing, and at the same time, approaches and strategies are changing. Competitors are changing behavior, adapting to consumers. If you stay in the same place, you will lose competitiveness.

Top experts tend to blog. You can get new information from there and put it into practice. Note that marketing taught in educational institutions is significantly different from practice. Therefore, constantly attend thematic events, monitor top blogs, and review official documents.  

7. Work with data

Learn how to use the data for your own purposes. Master your analytics tools, improve your Excel knowledge. In the coming decades, employers will look for just such specialists who can work with a huge array of data and use it to develop their business and achieve financial performance.

8. Adapting to Digital Marketing

Even if you are a specialist in traditional marketing, master the most popular digital systems and tools. Every year, customers are more actively moving to online shopping. Therefore, marketers who want to succeed are following trends, exploring new directions. It’s not necessary to master everything at once. You can become a highly specialized specialist or possess several technologies at a good level. The most common today are email marketing, analytics, and automation.

digital marketing tips

9. Time management 

Good specialists are able to correctly plan projects and create a schedule for completion of work. Therefore, they complete tasks on time. They know how to properly allocate resources and ensure the specified launch date, relate to it with trepidation and do everything possible to ensure that everything is done on time.

10. Learn how to write compelling messages

Marketing professionals often underestimate the importance of writing good texts. Moreover, almost every marketing campaign needs copywriting. The effectiveness of marketing activity will largely depend on how good the text is, taking into account the characteristics of the target audience.

Literate texts also help to build proper communication within the company. Therefore, we recommend that you begin to master this skill. Write every day, at least a few pages. If you are a student, then you can practice writing scientific papers. Check the grammar with the help of special services like Grammarly or give for proofreading with a special coursework writing service. This will help to speed up the skill development process.

11. Define performance indicators

Marketing is not the same as ten years ago. Today, companies want to understand what exactly the budget went for. Therefore, it is important before marketing activities to determine goals and performance indicators. So you will improve the results and be able to convey to your leadership your value as a frame. Often reports are provided monthly, indicators should be clear and clearly demonstrate the results.


Being a good marketer means being constantly on the move. To learn new skills, take into account the goals of the company and strive to achieve them. Define performance criteria in order to competently demonstrate the effectiveness of your work. Attend thematic events, read the blogs of renowned professionals, and surround yourself with successful people to quickly become a real pro.