Learn to Grow your Business with Nimble + Google Apps for Work

The #1 cause of CRM failure is lack of use. Why? Because you have to work for your CRM by Googling people and companies before meetings and then logging who they are, what you did and what you should do next. People don’t want to spend their workday constantly editing and updating their contact records. Four years ago, Nimble set out to solve this problem by building the first relationship platform that works for you, by enriching contact and company records for you and then works with you, everywhere you work.



We were also the first company to build a Small Business CRM Productivity Suite that works with the Google Apps for Work platform to enable millions of businesses across the world to build stronger relationships to accelerate revenue growth.

Use Nimble as the glue to tie your Google Apps together

Having easy web access to company email, documents, calendar, and contacts in smart interface is one of the main reasons people love using Google Apps for Work. But as an organization grows, there is a growing need to manage sales and follow-up processes with everyone that’s important to their business. This is where Nimble comes into play.

Nimble’s smarter social sales and marketing CRM integrates seamlessly with Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Contacts, Inbox, Chrome and adds value to any existing Google Apps for Work organization.

Nimble Delivers a CRM Dashboard on Top of Google Apps for Work:

  • Chrome –  The Nimble Smart Contacts App for Chrome allows you to bring the power of Nimble with you everywhere you work.
  • Gmail Inbox – Easily integrate Nimble alongside your Gmail workflow to see all important contact details, deals, events, and more.
  • Google Calendar – Sync all of your calendars and enrich your daily agenda with Nimble’s social contact insights. All calendar events sync to Nimble and to your related contact records send invites from within Nimble Contacts.
  • Gmail Messages – Don’t miss an important communication, let Nimble automatically sync messages to your related Contacts, Companies, and Deals.
  • Drive – Attach any Google Drive file to your Deals, Contacts, and Companies for easy cloud collaboration.

[Webinar] Become more successful by combining Nimble + Google Apps for Work 

Special Offer from Nimble + Google

As part of our partnership with Google, we are offering 20% off Google Apps for Work for the first year of any new account that sign up via our special registration link at www.nimble.com/google-apps. Follow the steps on this page to receive a promotion code from our Nimble Customer Care team.