Creating an Automated Mobile Marketing Campaign that Gets Results

When you want a mobile marketing campaign that gets results, you have to focus on reaching your potential clients on their mobile devices. To do this, you have to set up an opt-in texting system, create content that’s easy to consume on mobile devices, and time your messages well in order to get your customers through the buying process. With carefully timed messages, content that adds value, and building a strong customer base, you can build a strong mobile marketing strategy.

Invest in a Text Messaging Software Platform

To reach your clients in an instant, you have to invest money in an sms text messenger service. You can start with a minimal investment, as you can set up a system where you pay based on the number of messages you send. The larger your database of potential customers becomes, the more you will need to invest in your text messaging program. This is the fastest way for you to reach your target demographic, and to grow your business you must invest in a way to reach your customers through text.

Keep Your Messages Personalized

Once you have set up your mass text messaging service, you have to make sure that your messages are personalized. With automated messages, you can send reminder notifications to customers who add items to a shopping cart but don’t follow through with a sale. Mobile shoppers need to be reminded of items they are considering, and an automated message can offer a time limited discount if the customer decides to purchase the item.

Improve Conversions with Inbound Marketing Solutions

To improve conversion rates, you have to get customers interested in your brand. Practical inbound marketing solutions include writing dynamic content, building up a solid social media presence, and using automated tasks to nurture leads. The more you can get potential customers to engage with your brand, the stronger your business will become.

Automatically Share New Content

Once you have created great content that your customers want to read, you can automate sharing your posts on social media and through text messaging. This way, you can set up to share your content when social media sites are popular, and when customers are most likely to open a text and click through to your content. Your content will be shared consistently, without interruption.

Remind Customers of Upcoming Appointments

If your business includes setting up appointments with your clients, you can set up automated appointment reminders to keep your schedule full. A simple text message sent the day before an appointment is an easy task to automate and will keep your business running smoothly.

Send Timely Push Notifications

While you don’t want to send useless texts to your customers, timely push notifications are an essential piece to a successful automated mobile marketing campaign. For example, if you have a big sale on Saturday, a reminder text on Friday is appropriate. You can also send push notifications that state, “only a few hours left to get this deal” to get customers to commit to a sale.