10 Foolproof Steps to Boost Customer Retention

Customers just don’t buy your products; they buy your services more. If you provide them with the right products along with excellent services, they will always come back for more.

Customer retention is the topmost priority for any company to increase its value, improve cultural norms, and boost revenue. 90% of the major corporate industry specialists agree that customers are the ultimate treasure for them to keep for a lifetime. They are not just customers, they are your marketers.

The right customer support policy helps you build amazing relationships with your customers. Depending upon the product or services you offer, they trust you from their infant’s milk formulas to guarding their vaults. Hence, you are not just a seller; customers trust you with their finances because you give them value in return.

customer retention

There are also those customers who cross your paths once, and they never came back for the second purchase. 50% chances are they may find your services average, or they don’t need your products, or they have acquired by your competitors.

Return customers can also make up the bulk of businesses, and they are as essential as your loyal customers. Here are ten secrets by which you can encourage them to come back.

1) Improve customer service

As mentioned above, customers buy your services more than your products. Hence, customer service is everything. If a company goes above and beyond to provide their customers with the best possible user experience, they inevitably come back. Alternatively, if a company makes a mistake or is not successful in satisfying the customer, then a customer is unlikely to show up again.

Feedback and complaints, either good or bad, is a sign that your customer support department needs improvements. It is also a good sign that your customer wants you to be perfect. Hence, by providing the best possible services along with being open for improvements, you can assure that your customers the gold standard of services.

2) Offer loyalty discounts

Offering discounts to fill up your client pool is a tried and true way to get them back. You can also entice customers by introducing a loyalty voucher or shopping credit points that may lead them to claim discounts for their next purchase. After spending a certain amount or purchasing after a couple of times, your customer can also get an incentive in the form of gift for being with you as per your policy.

For companies dealing in a big market like furniture, appliances, or digital gadgets, another option is offering a free service for a specific period to their customers. For example, if you deal in cars, you can provide a free oil change service or a onetime maintenance check to your customer on a purchase. That’s the best way to encourage them to come back.

3) Offer membership cards

Another professional way to encourage your customers is offering them a membership card on a purchase. There is a high chance if they will become members, they will surely utilize the opportunity to get benefited from it in the future. Including getting access to additional advantages of discounts and promotional sales, a membership card will allow them for priority delivery or unique services for their family members as well.

Also, they will love to get prior information on launching or sales announcements. This will make them feel valued. Hence, this is the most creative way to get your customer back to you.

4) Advertise future deals

Sending your customers an email on your upcoming deals or making them aware of future promotion or sales can encourage them to make another visit to your store. For example, if you own a clothing store, you can send them an email regarding clearance sale or a season launch.

Moreover, if you are running a restaurant, you can send them an email for the addition of some new recipes trials and additional meal deals for a group or two.

You can also use this tip to promote any new upcoming products. Hence, if you own a bakery or a café, this may include unique Valentine’s Day muffin or a freshly brewed customized latte for them. This could help you build up excitement for your products and get customers coming back.

5) Utilize social media

The power of word of mouth marketing has always proven its worth that is why social media is the perfect tool to get your customers back. Most of your customers follow you on social media, so make sure you post regularly your news, updates, testimonials, and promotional offer to get everyone in your loop. If you’re not savvy with digital marketing or content marketing, you can always get professional help from Australian Master to handle this element for you.

Also, don’t forget to include all of your social media links in every post to increase the chances of being followed by your lead generation. 

6) Get your customer’s email address

To get your customer on your email list, you will first need their contact details, and more importantly, their consent. For this, you can simply ask them if they would like to receive emails from you or not. You can also offer a box to tick for yes or no when they are signing up for your online services.

It is also convenient to add a pop-up ad to subscribe to them when they visit your website for information. Don’t forget to add an unsubscribe option as well to take them off from the mailing list if they don’t find it useful for themselves.

7) Build an app

You can also build an app for the customer of your services. By this, when a customer will open his/her phone; they will see your icon that will make them remember you. Your app must have a clear purpose and should be easy to use to prompt your customers to a CTA.

You also have to encourage your customers to download your app by offering a discount on first use of it because; you cannot force them to download it by just saying. However, you can recommend it to them by highlighting the perks of using it.

8) Respond to feedback

customer feedback

Responding to both positive and negative feedback or survey results gives your customer a sense of your care and responsibility. For those who leave a positive one, you can thank them for using your product and trusting your services. For those who have some issues, you can always listen to their needs and satisfy them with an exchange or a repair for free.

By doing so, you can encourage customers to give you another chance. You can also use this opportunity to mark yourself a caring company by converting unhappy customers into advocates.

9) Know your customers

“Don’t show your customers how much you know, show them how much you care,” says Emma Sherlock, Head of Customer Relationship Department at Premium Jackets.

To develop a long-term relationship with your customer, it is essential to get to know them first. If your customer feels that you know their needs, they trust you more, and it can decrease your extra efforts to convince them. Engage them in relevant discussions or try to get their opinions to make them feel valued and build a rapport. Sending customized birthday or anniversary greetings to them will add a cheery to your cake.

10) Keep an eye on your competitors

The most important reason why your customer is not coming back is that your competitor has taken up them with an edge. By having knowledge of their activities, you will be able to offer better deals, and upper hand product and services to get your customers back.

Don’t be too caught up chasing competitors; just try to play with your USPs (unique selling points). Analyze the gap in your market and minimize it with smart efforts.

Wrapping Up

Customer retention is not an easy task when it comes to improving your company image. Brands don’t build their worth overnight. It takes a hell of efforts and patience. However, if you have a good team and patience, you can take your existing customers back to your pavilion. Just figure out their needs and expectations and make your move accordingly.

Motivate them by getting in touch once a while. Get their feedback and take it seriously. Make them realize that you patronize their value.