Be a Nimble Prospector in Facebook

Use Nimble Prospector via our Smart Contacts App on Facebook to discover contact information to enrich your Nimble database.

Once you’ve added a contact or company from Facebook to Nimble, we’ll use our A.I.-backed engine to match critical details. 

For companies, Nimble discovers the biography, location, phone number, company industry, company 3 of employees, company founding date, revenue, stock symbol,  CEO name, and keywords.

For individuals, Nimble discovers the email address, location, phone number, and additional social profiles to help you understand your prospect in detail.

Once the contact is in Nimble, leverage our sales, marketing, contact management, and smart segmentation to take action

See it in action:


Nimble Prospector is included as a feature within every Nimble account. Check out our FAQ to learn how to get started today.

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