The Must-Have Apps You Need to Amplify Your Brand on Social Media

What specific steps do you take to promote your brand?

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and other platforms hold huge potential for brand promotion. Some branding campaigns are completely built around Instagram. You probably noticed influencers promoting fitness clothes, apps, restaurants, and all kinds of brands on that network.

Businesses use social media to build brand awareness. However, the brand’s mere presence on these platforms isn’t enough. Companies need to achieve real results (read: conversions!) to say their campaigns are successful.

Is your company taking all the right steps? Are you using the right apps to make branding easy?

Don’t worry; we’ve got your back! We’ve listed the most essential apps that help brands build a presence on social media.

Promote Your Brand with the Right Apps

1. Look Beyond the Apple App Store

Where do you get your apps? If you use a Mac, the App Store is the obvious choice. It shouldn’t be; since it doesn’t control the entire market anymore. The App Store imposes high fees to developers, so they have to set higher prices for their apps.

Have you tried Setapp? It’s a curation service for the coolest applications for Macs. You’ll get access to premium productivity, team management, and marketing tools, which will make the branding process easier. You’ll pay a flat fee each month, and you can download and use all the applications you need.


2. Improve the Graphics

Social media platforms give you the space to share all kinds of content. But you need to share the type of content your audience wants to see. Visuals get the most attention. The right colors and visual elements support the branding process since they make your content memorable.

Pixelo is a great tool to help you improve the content you share. You can get vector graphic bundles, with unique elements that you can use in presentations, flyers, cover photos, posters, and even t-shirts that influencers can wear.


3. Encourage Employee Advocacy

The communication within your organization is essential for the way you present the brand to the outside world. You can’t fake the branding process. The relations on the inside – that’s what it’s founded on.

You need an app that supports inner communication. Smarp is a good one! It lets you share relevant content with your employees. But this is even more important: through Smarp, you can encourage your employees to share something on social media. They are your finest brand ambassadors.


Smarp will even add healthy competition to the experience, by showing how well each employee does with their social media activities.

4. Plan and Schedule Your Posts

Successful brands are constantly present on social media. You’ll see fresh posts every day, and you’ll see the team engaging the audience all the time. Huge brands like Reebok and Pepsi have dedicated social media teams to cover those tasks. If you can’t hire an entire team, there’s still a way to build daily presence without being stuck with the smartphone all the time.

Just use MeetEdgar. This is a tool that lets you schedule posts and put them on auto-pilot. It works for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You’ll add all posts to all social media at the same time. Don’t worry; you won’t spam your audience across platforms. You’ll schedule these posts and Edgar will share them at the right time.

You can spend a few hours to plan the social media posts for an entire week. Then, browse through the comments and respond in a timely manner. 

5. Broadcast Live Video

Live video still hasn’t reached its momentum as a trend. It’s growing by the day, while more social media users prefer it. You can broadcast anything from anywhere. If your business is hosting an event for its audience, start a live broadcast so everyone can be part of it. Live Video is also perfect for capturing and sharing moments of daily life within the offices. It’s a nice branding strategy that adds the human element to your company.

You need an app that effortlessly shows your lives on Facebook.

Try! It allows you to share a smooth live video with no interruptions. You can feature the brand’s logo on the screen. That’s important for branding, right?


Through this app, you can also engage the audience. It shows the viewers’ comments in real time.  

6. Manage Facebook Ads through an App

Facebook makes free brand promotion difficult. It no longer features posts from pages in our feeds; we only see our friends and groups. But we see something else, and there’s a lot of it: ads. For an effective branding process on Facebook, you need to pay to get your posts in people’s feeds.

But how many ads should you post? What audience should you target?

Facebook ads are pretty intuitive, but you still have to experiment before you find the right recipe. Most of all, you need to schedule the ads and monitor the results you get through this campaign. Are there any apps for that? Of course!

The Facebook Ads Manager lets you check the performance of your ads through your phone.

facebook ads manager

7. Listen!

You invest efforts and resources to make your brand known across social media. What results do you achieve? Are you engaging with real social media users?

Mention helps you check. It will scan the web for all mentions of your brand, and it will deliver a report. You’ll see what level of social proof your marketing campaign achieved. If your brand is mentioned in any social media update, blog post, or answer on a forum, you’ll get notified.

The best part is that you can act upon these mentions. If you notice someone mentioning your brand on Quora, you can respond with a kind comment. You can thank them for the recommendation or offer any clarifications when needed.  

8. Prospect Socially

Nimble delivers the context and insights you need to prospect smarter to grow your business. Use Nimble’s insights to help you add new prospects, everywhere you work. Nimble is optimized to work alongside your Office 365 and Google Apps inbox, and in the social networks you use to surface prospects, including Twitter, AngelList, Facebook, Google+, Foursquare, Instagram and more.

Nimble automatically enriches your contacts with actionable details from public and private databases, including social profile information and company demographics.

We put the enriched people and company data into the Social Profiles section of Nimble and now with Smart Segmentation, you can use it to find contacts to connect with.

Branding and SMM Go Together!

It’s impossible for modern brands to build awareness without the help of social media marketing. That’s the best way to get the brand’s message to the right audience and repeat that message over and over again until they start recognizing the business.

Each business needs to be present across these networks. With the apps we suggested above, it’s easier to start a successful branding campaign.