Our 14 Contest Winners and Their Winning Tweets

Congratulations to the 14 winners of our Valentine’s Day “Relationships Matter” Contest. The winners will all receive one free year of Nimble!


Marketing & Sales: always a P2P process. Strategize, but remember it’s people who are involved. @nimble #relationshipsmatter

Doing business with somebody you know well is much easier and pleasant. @nimble #relationshipsmatter

Relationship (noun): [ri-LEY-shuhn-ship] A connection, association, or involvement. Build them with @Nimble! #CRM #relationshipsmatter

@Nimble easily lets you see “engagement opportunities” for meaningful conversations about THEM not your stuff because #relationshipsmatter

Loyal customers will prefer the brands that reach their heart and mind, creating an emotional connection.#relationshipsmatter @nimble

To me, being @nimble means moving from “I have all the answers” to “Together, we have all the answers.” #relationshipsmatter

@Nimble #relationshipsmatter because without them in business you have no worth and without them in life you have no joy #deep

Love that @Nimble uses & values social media connections  My relationships are rooted in social #relationshipsmatter  #CRM #contest

#Sales should always be relationship-centric.  We want to do business with those that we like and relate to. @nimble #relationshipsmatter

When I stopped looking for clients & started looking for relationships, my business soared! #relationshipsmatter @Nimble

@Nimble: Invest in others before you ask them to invest in you. Give ppl quality content to connect with. #relationshipsmatter

@AdelaAtak777  I am more likely to buy from a friend, hence it is wise to befriend potential buyers @Nimble #relationshipsmatter

A fav proverb: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” I’m diggin’ @Nimble because #RelationshipsMatter

Business etiquette is about relationships not rules so focus your business on relationships @nimble #relationshipsmatter #etiquette