How Nimble + Azure Revolutionize Relationship Management for Office 365 Teams

Nimble has migrated its market-leading SaaS CRM from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to Microsoft Azure.

The migration enables Nimble to tap into Microsoft’s world-class Azure platform and partner ecosystem to scale. With Microsoft as a global reseller, and promoting it as the simple CRM for Office 365, Nimble is able to help even larger teams build better relationships.

Why Nimble is the Simple CRM for Office 365

jon ferraraAs our Nimble customer base started to adopt Office 365 for their cloud productivity platform, we saw the opportunity to deliver a simple CRM solution for Microsoft customers and partners that places relationships at the center of their organization,” said Nimble CEO Jon Ferrara. “By providing Microsoft Small Business customers with a solution that delivers team relationship management for Office 365, we fill the product gap between Office 365 and Dynamics.”  



goran andersson“Nimble’s use of Azure as a platform and Microsoft Resellers as implementation partners is an example of how ISV’s (Independent Software Vendors) can speed time-to-market for third-party solutions that fulfill our customers’ needs and drive adoption of our first party solutions,” said Goran Andersson, Microsoft Director of Worldwide One Commercial Partner Go-to-Market, SMB Sales. “Customers get more out of Office 365 with Nimble as their team relationship manager. As they grow and their needs become more complex, Solution Partners integrate into additional Microsoft products like PowerBI, Azure, and Dynamics.”

The company that not only helps make Office 365 sticky but becomes a “gateway” to Microsoft’s crown jewels UAzure, PowerBi, and Dynamics) will become a GoldMine,” added Ferrara. “We scaled my previous startup, GoldMine CRM, to $100M in revenue by driving adoption of NT Server, SQL Server, and Exchange Server as Microsoft’s #1 ISV Independent Software Vendor. We are repeating history with Nimble CRM driving Office 365, Azure, PowerBI, and Dynamics adoption.”

Nimble is accelerating the delivery of its upcoming 5.0 release using the Azure Platform as a Service (PaaS) and by integrating Common Data Services, Power BI, PowerApps, and Flow.  Targeted for release in June, Nimble 5.0 delivers small businesses a company-wide team relationship manager that unifies contacts from their walled-off siloed departments in sales, marketing, customer service, and accounting for Office 365 or G Suite users.  

Microsoft Partners are the Trusted Advisors to Billions of Customers

Nimble is the only independent software vendor using Microsoft’s CSP marketplace to build its distribution channel globally.

To date, nearly 500 CSPs are using Nimble internally to transform their business and, in turn, transform their customers. Partners reselling third-party solutions like Nimble with Office 365 can take advantage of solution bundles entirely integrated within Microsoft’s provisioning and transaction system.

How to Get Started

If you do not have a Nimble account yet, we invite you to try it for free for 14 days.

Stay tuned for more product announcements as we evolve Nimble into the best CRM for Office 365 and G Suite teams.  Next up on our roadmap are Contact Record redesign, Reports and Contact Privacy.

Watch this video from our Nimble CEO Jon Ferrara as he shares more about our 2019 Roadmap Vision.

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