3 Ways to Use Marketing Analytics to Increase Sales

Marketing analytics is the reality of modern business. It is impossible to get the desired results without it. The modern market is characterized by oversaturation and high competition, so consumers have such a huge choice that it is very easy to get lost among competitors. Success awaits a company with a systematic and analytical approach, however, only 48% of marketers use web analytics in their activities.

tools used to measure marketing campaign success


What does marketing analytics give?

Analytics is a powerful tool, the competent use of which allows you to achieve outstanding results. You can learn a lot and dispel prejudice with its help, completely surrendering to the numbers. Thus, the company’s strategy will be formed on the basis of facts, not assumptions.

To be a good marketing analyst in the modern world means to be a valuable employee. If you are one, congratulations, most likely a great future awaits you. However, it is difficult for even the best specialists to find a good job without a high-quality presentation of themselves as a professional. To create an effective resume, you can use the resume website examples or create from site 0 by contacting a specialized company or a freelancer. This will help to get a dream job and make a great impression. Further, more about what analytics gives.

A detailed study of the target audience



It is impossible to achieve heights without understanding who really is your customer. Traditional tools make it possible to find out quite blurry data that makes you act blindly. It’s extremely difficult to build an effective strategy with basic demographic data because this will mean that the company uses mass marketing. But how to predict prospects and understand the real desires of users?

Companies that seek to get more cookie preference. This allows you to better know your customers, the features of their behavior, and how they are guided in the decision-making process. Thus, you will have not just numbers and information about clicks and impressions, but an understanding of who all these people are; what they want, and how to help them. As a result, campaign performance increases, and more accurate forecasting is possible.

Track your ad performance



Today, a huge number of companies choose online advertising. One of the key advantages of this type of communication is the ability to evaluate effectiveness in real-time. The marketer can watch the campaign and determine the most successful ads. Clicks, impressions, and conversions are the main criteria to understand this.

Timely monitoring makes it possible to respond on time to changes, abandon unprofitable channels, direct efforts to what really brings benefits. This completely reverses the algorithm of the previous work, when specialists had to work with traditional sites, which are characterized by massive coverage. Marketers can effectively plan the budget and understand exactly what gives the exhaust and what isn’t and don’t waste advertising dollars now.

Using end-to-end analytics makes it possible to work with traffic sources as accurately as possible.

Demand forecasting



Having data over a long period helps to understand the desires of the market. Assess the seasonality of the product, its life cycle. Perhaps some goods should be abandoned and warehouses vacated. Instead, find something new that is gaining popularity. Marketing analytics allows you to anticipate demand and avoid clogged warehouses with unnecessary products.

Marketers using sophisticated forecasting models are able to anticipate demand, gaining an undeniable advantage over competitors. Such a tool may seem like magic, but you can really prepare for new market conditions, anticipating the needs of customers and getting the most benefit from it.

How to use this to increase efficiency?

Like any other tool, marketing analytics should be used correctly. You cannot feel its benefits without understanding how it works. Below are a few tips to help you to get the most out of your tool.

marketing analytics tips and tricks

ROI planning



The potential of marketing analytics often remains untapped. Experts do not always understand what indicators to measure to achieve better results. A huge number of channels can be confusing, and at the same time, there are financial goals that could be conveyed vaguely.

To achieve the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, ask the management what financial goals are and what the business wants to get from marketing activities. After that, using analytics, plan the sources that you will use to get what you want. Think about whether you have all the tools for a quality assessment. For example, for the competent use of several channels at once, it is best to have end-to-end analytics at hand.

According to 82% of marketers admit that management wants to see an evaluation of each advertising campaign. At the same time, less than a third can effectively assess the return on investment of each source.

Do not rejoice ahead of time



Sometimes analytics can work against you, namely when you are sprayed on insignificant indicators. Of course, I want to be happy with my achievements. However, you need to clearly understand that any activity should be profitable. When evaluating the effectiveness of certain indicators, think about whether they are really important for the business.

This will help to avoid dispersion in activities. Returning to the previous paragraph, always keep at hand the real criteria for evaluating the results. Make sure current advances have a positive effect on company growth.

Plan sales



Modern consumers are aware; they independently form an opinion about the product and find sources for information. For this reason, in most cases, the role of sellers in decision-making is pushed to the background. Buyers study reviews and reviews focus on opinion leaders. Yes, today the situation is more complicated, but nothing is impossible. Therefore, to get the desired sales volume, you need to work in conjunction analytics + strategy, instead of the traditional – analytics + budget.

Learn the specifics of the target audience and how to make a purchase. This will help you understand which channels are most effective and develop the right message. Do not forget about the profitability of investments, coordinate with the responsible departments not limited to marketing. Thus, you will get a clearer picture of what the company really needs and you can plan correctly to develop a marketing strategy.


Marketing analytics is an effective tool in the right hands. If you do not know how to analyze and use data in practice, it is useless. Therefore, it is important to examine key company indicators and goals. Based on this, form a strategy. Remember, a good analyst is an impeccable detective. They are attentive to detail and passionate about the process.