Nimble Partners with Kevy to Make Data Sharing Between Apps Effortless

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Today we announce another great solution partner for Nimble users — Atlanta cloud integration startup, Kevy. With Kevy, businesses can sync data between cloud applications, without any IT or coding required.

The number of cloud applications continues to rise – but too often these cloud apps exist in complete silos. You may have fantastic data but without integration – you cannot access or use it the way you need.

How does it work? With Kevy, you select two cloud connectors (links between two different cloud apps that allows for the sharing of data, e.g., Email Marketing and Nimble)  that you’d like to connect. Select a frequency to sync your data: 1 minute, 15 minutes, hourly, daily. Lastly, select the fields you’d like to sync and Kevy goes to work.

The Nimble/Kevy partnership enables Kevy customers to integrate Nimble directly into their Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, eCommerce, and other cloud apps. Because Nimble is a part of Kevy’s unique plug-and-play integration system, it can now automatically integrate with any other cloud apps available in Kevy’s system. Best part – customers can integrate Nimble in less than 10 minutes without writing a single line of code.

With the Nimble integration, users can conduct key workflows with all information found in one system — helping Nimble customers use their separate cloud apps as one powerful, unified system.

The Nimble partnership means you can:

  • Align different tools and siloed data — automatically
  • Drive revenue — Track leads and contacts in real time
  • Get the most out of data investments without having to manually maintain or sync data
  • Optimize resources — Avoid messy, error-prone integrations. With Kevy, no special IT knowledge is required.
  • Create a unified view of leads — Automatically add new marketing prospects, customers, leads, and contacts directly into Nimble from your other cloud applications.
  • Build more authentic, natural relationships with customers and prospects with accurate, up-to-date information

Nimble customers are able to map and sync data on a field-by-field basis. Kevy supports custom fields within Nimble and many other cloud apps. Automatically sync information like: Lead and Contact Records, Opportunities, Converted Date, Lead Owner, Social and Behavioral Data.

Kevy’s philosophy: To create simple, straightforward connectors that address the vast majority of companies’ data integration needs — without the complexity.

Peruse the Kevy Cloud Connectors

Alyson Stone is content director of Nimble and a frequent contributor to the blog.