Jon Ferrara Talks About How CRM Is Adapting to the Empowered Customer

Jon Ferrara, our CEO, has just co-authored Social CRM for Dummies (John Wiley & Sons, Inc.) with Kyle Lacy and Stephanie Diamond. In these two short videos at the book launch, he talks about the next phase in the evolution of CRM — the change to social, customer-focused companies fully open and prepared to engage with customers.

Jon describes a universal dashboard that brings together all the social media contacts into CRM so that a company can get a big picture of all the conversations that take place.

Editor’s note: These videos stand on their own as an interesting exploration of the culture that has led us to social CRM. The book is a seriously useful resource for anyone interested in social CRM. It is the most comprehensive text I have seen on sCRM. I bought the book before I knew Jon had been involved, and have referred to it constantly. I wanted to let our audience know because I feel strongly about the caliber of the authors and the breadth and depth of the content. -Alyson