How To Improve Your Sales Training To Boost Employee Moral

Training your staff is incredibly important, both for them and the success of your business. This should, of course, be done with all new starters so that they can begin their career with a good understanding of how things work, as well as knowing what is expected of them.

But, they should also receive training throughout their time in the business –processes will change and new ones will be put in place, which means they’ll need extra help getting up to speed so that they can grow and progress within their roles.   

While it is all well and good providing training for your staff, you also need to consider how you do it. The delivery method will have a huge impact on how successful and worthwhile it is. Talk at them for hours on end during their first few days and they are likely to forget key parts within a couple of weeks, if not straight away!

When it comes to sales roles, would-be salesmen tend to be thrown right in at the deep end. They often learn on the job  – and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Learning this way is powerful because you can immediately apply it. Studies show that retention can actually be boosted by as much as 60 – 90% this way.  

But they also need support and they should receive their training in short educational bursts. This training should happen in the field which, thanks to technology, is easier then ever before.

However, you also want to consider how you will boost morale through your training then.  That way, not only will they be learning about how to do the job, they will also feel happier within their role and therefore be encouraged to work hard and stay working within your company for much longer than they otherwise might.

Here are a few tips that might just help with that:

  • Take employees out of the mundane routine and start using their imagination
  • Get employees to see the sale from the customer’s perspective in order to improve their sales technique
  • Use role play with external people the staff have never met to make situations feel more realistic
  • Use inspirational leaders, quotes, short films and so on – staff inspired to progress and lead are less likely to feel motivated to deliver the best they can
  • Podcasts, videos and regular email tips can help strengthen learning and comprehension, and deliver key information in bite sized chunks
  • Bring in incentives and highlight top performers. Create improvement plans for others

Don’t have time to do the training yourself? You don’t have to! Aberdeen research shows that top companies use external sales consultants 61% more than their under-performing peers.

Remember, people learn in different ways and it is important to ensure the training is relevant to what your reps are doing everyday. Salestrong are particularly good at this, as they will tailor their training to your specific needs – making it instantly useful and realistic. They also offer theory followed by practical to really cement what has been learnt throughout the course.

It is a win-win for your employees and the business as your team grows and becomes happier, more confident and ultimately more successful.