Don’t Miss Digital Sales Camp

Digital Sales Camp is a day-long learning event packed with master classes and workshops by 35+ of today’s leaders in digital and social selling. Top digital sales speakers will come together to provide a learning experience full of proven strategies and powerful insights.

The Digital Sales Camp is different to any other virtual event that you may have experienced. This day-long, value-packed event will allow you to:

Get Immersed In A Cutting-Edge Educational Experience

To guarantee that you’ll retain the information you’ve learned and adopt it into your sales strategy, The Digital Sales Camp will provide a blended learning experience with a combination of instructor-led sessions and on-demand online learning. Because of the digital nature of the content, only a blended learning approach helps you practice and reinforce as you learn.

Accelerate Pipeline And Revenue

Learn what it takes to create a more efficient revenue machine – not only for sales, but for your entire organization. Get actionable tips and strategies on how to align with the modern buyers and grow revenue today.

Create Meaningful Connections With Fellow Sales Pros

Network with other brilliant people in sales and marketing. Learn from each other about what has worked – and maybe even what has failed – in your revenue generation strategies.

What will the day consist of?

  • 20+ Master Classes: Value-packed strategies from the best of the best in digital and social selling
  • 3 Live Executive Interactive Workshops: Leadership focused sessions to transform your team’s productivity.
  • Virtual Reality Learning: Experience “The Ideal Revenue Funnel,” a 360 virtual reality video session.
  • 10+ On Demand Tips & Hacks: Actionable insights and digital sales hacks from top influencers.

The speakers include: Jon Ferrara (Founder of Goldmine, CEO of Nimble), Jill Rowley (Social Selling Evangelist), Koka Sexton (Head of Social Media, LinkedIn), Tiffani Bova (Global, Customer Growth and Innovation Evangelist, Salesforce), Jamie Shanks (CEO, Sales for Life, Author), Bob Perkins (Founder & Chairman, AA-ISP), Tim Clarke (Director Product Marketing, Salesforce) and many many more.

Oh, and did we mention the event is totally free for participants?

Register for the event:

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More than 10,000 sales pros and leaders are expected to attend.

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