8 Must-Have Tools and Services for Content Marketers

Content marketing is an effective method of promoting a business on the network. Its use helps to create a positive image, increase recognition and get tremendous traffic to the site. For this reason, its popularity is growing every year, and with it the number of tools to simplify the work. In this article, we will consider 8 services that will simplify the life of every content marketer.

BuzzSumo – get inspired by the best

BuzzSumo is notable for showing the best content for a business of various sizes. Even if the company sells a niche product. All you need is to enter a keyword in the search or specify a domain. After that, BuzzSumo will produce results with the best articles and blogs on a given topic.

What does it give?

  1. Visual representation of competitors generating the most backlinks.
  2. Developing an effective guest blogging strategy.
  3. Convenient planning of the schedule of publications.
  4. Identify eye-catching post formats on social media thanks to a colossal database of user activity.
  5. Analysis of competitors on Facebook.
  6. Instantly identify trends from millions of posts.
  7. Choosing the best publication time.
  8. Monitoring brand mentions (yours or competitors) and industry news.
  9. Ability to create alerts for leading niche bloggers. So you will be aware of what is happening and increase the benefits of influencer marketing on social networks.


GroupHigh – find opinion leaders

Influence marketing is an effective and cost-effective tool. But only in the case of the right choice of a blogger.

GroupHigh service contains a colossal database of influential people present in various social networks. It helps to find those who will attract the attention of the right target audience. Also, the resource allows you to learn from the best. The use of AI in monitoring the profiles of opinion leaders shows what content they published and where.

Available Blogger Sort Filters:

  • scope;
  • interests;
  • age groups;
  • geography;
  • ethnicity.

The results of ongoing campaigns can be viewed in the control panel. It is simple and easy to use. With its help, you can create a report with information about potential impressions, the value of publications for the media, interaction, and others.


Onlypulteffective social media planning

Onlypult is a tool for managing social networks that allows you to publish posts as conveniently and quickly as possible. It is possible to work simultaneously with multiple accounts, do post poned posting, view and respond to comments. Built-in analytics will help to track the effectiveness of activity with social media. Builder helps to create multiple links and micro landing pages, which makes traffic management as efficient as possible and increases sales.

There is monitoring to track brand mentions on the network for reputation management.

The service has the following tools:

  • calendar;
  • planner;
  • hashtags;
  • automatic post deletion;
  • analytics;
  • Teamwork;
  • working with several accounts at the same time;
  • video editor;
  • image editor.

By the way, the platform has a blog where you can learn a lot of useful things for creating quality content. Here you can find out which optimal Facebook cover photo size or why you need verification on Instagram. 


Narrato – find the perfect author

Narrato is an outsourcing platform for searching the authors. It is a great way to scale content economically, as well as open up new possibilities for it.

Service benefits:

  • competitive prices;
  • intuitive interface;
  • intelligent authors search algorithm.

Sometimes it’s hard to find an artist. But not on this resource. Narrato’s carefully thought-out smart algorithms make work consistent and help you find the best candidate. And thanks to its simple design, placing an order takes a couple of minutes.

The service provides for a number of additions. For example, a tool for checking content for plagiarism. If authorship is not indicated, then recommendations for images that are convenient for posting on social networks and blogs are offered.

Narrato completely eliminates the risks for the customer, since payment is only for the accepted work. If the quality does not suit, then you can request a revision of the text. The customer is also entitled to reject the work.

New customers are offered a trial version in the form of a first-order of content for $1.


Unsplash – the best photos for free

Unsplash is a stock of photos on which many professional photographers post their work. Therefore, all images are high-quality and creative.

The use of the resource is free. When registering, additional features are opened:

  • sorting your favorite photos into categories;
  • tracking publications of photographers who liked.

If you really like the work, you can contact a specialist by discussing the possibility of a preliminary contract.

Piktochart – simple and effective design

Processing visual effects take much less time than working with texts. In addition, it is more interesting and less tiring. However, if you are not a designer, creating visual content can be difficult. In this case, Piktochart is a great solution.

The service is a simple and easy-to-use tool that allows you to create infographics, presentations, posters, reports, and flyers.


  • a variety of templates, icons and images that are conveniently organized into categories and easy to find through a search;
  • interactive features (maps, charts, and videos);
  • creating infographics by importing data from SurveyMonkey or Google Sheets;
  • adding user icons to infographics, as well as loading the latter in blocks;
  • many functions and comprehensive guidance help to master them even for those who do not have experience in design;
  • image and color resizing, rotation, cloning and moving.

Free registration. To use advanced features, you will need a Pro or Pro Team plan.


Sendgrid – automate email distribution 

Sendgrid is a cloud service that is popular with iconic corporations. For example, LinkedIn, Airbnb, Pinterest, and Uber. The service allows you to automate email messages of various frequencies: both one-time and sent at a certain interval.

Sendgrid Features:

  1. Easily create emails using HTML and simply dragging and dropping items.
  2. The ability to create your own, or use a ready-made template.
  3. The presence of built-in spam checking, as well as link testing, excludes the possibility of mail services getting into spam.
  4. Exceptional scalability, allowing you to send 4190 letters per second.


Canva – quality design without any problems

Looking for a simple tool to create a modern design that does not require skills in professional software? It is possible with Canva. No need to be an expert in graphic design. It allows you to create high-quality images in just a few minutes.

The service is perfect for all types of content marketing and sites. Here you can set arbitrary sizes or use the templates provided inside the tool.

Canva is presented as an application, there is also a website. Choose the options that are convenient for you, start creating outstanding works in a few clicks.



Content marketing is three times more effective as a method of generating leads than SEO. Therefore, it is worth developing. The effectiveness of this area largely depends on skills and following trends. To simplify the process, use tools that significantly save time and money. Remember, working with content requires a thorough analysis of the audience and a systematic approach. Therefore, be patient, use the above services and track the results.