Call to Action Examples

9 Call to Actions for Sales to Increase Your Conversion Rates

Call to Action (CTA) is a powerful tool utilized by digital marketers to provide additional power to their ad copy or blog post.

A CTA button can ask prospective customers to set up an introduction call, give their credit card information, provide an email address to receive ad campaigns in their inbox, take advantage of a limited time offer, and even sometimes persuade them to purchase your product or service.

You form your call to action depending on your brand voice, target audience, and sales strategy.

Let’s find out how to create effective call to action phrases and discover some subtle marketing persuasive techniques.

What Is a Call to Action?

Usually, a CTA is a short phrase at the beginning or end of your copy. It serves as guidance for readers as to what they should do after or before consuming the essential part of your text.

call to action examples


Whether you want your customers to buy, order, or leave feedback, you often try to be straightforward and clear. However, analysis indicates that the best call to action examples are the ones affecting you on a subconscious level.

For example, your CTA button or Facebook ad shouldn’t say “sign up to our eCommerce platform;” instead, offer to help prospective clients “become an entrepreneur.”  It doesn’t express your call for registration directly but instead speaks to the overall benefit of signing up. Play to your audience’s need for instant gratification by making them think their problems can be solved with the click of a button.

In this article, we are going to cover how you can persuade people to choose your business over your competitors without even realizing why.

Why You Should Always Write Strong CTAs for Sales

Have a look at the Netflix website homepage. Good example of call to action:

examples of call to action


Does this CTA button trigger visitors? You bet it does.

You see, starting your message with a strong and powerful call to action with a sense of urgency significantly boosts conversion rates and can persuade a user to click on your ad. People find your offer appealing before they actually receive its details.

sales call to action examples


A strong CTA generates the “WOW” effect. Imagine: you’re searching for the right email campaign marketing tool and stumble upon a CTA that states: “Make your emails unforgettable.” These four words intrigue visitors and spark their interest to find out how you can help them create unforgettable emails.

What Are Call to Actions For?

Our short call to action examples contain a surprising amount of information about the brand or product they represent.

Strong CTAs can accomplish the following:

  • Get to the gist: Call to action may be solely the offer itself, but we don’t recommend narrowing your CTA to this. Get creative!
  • Set the tone: Effective call to action examples often display the brand voice and positioning. Consider it a part of your first impression.
  • Excite your audience: CTAs are all about intriguing the audience, driving them to your landing page for more information.

Essential Call to Action Elements

While the purposes of CTA may vary, the structure of the phrase is often similar. A call to action consists of three integral parts.

best call to action phrases


Strong verbs

The most successful call to action examples in writing start with a mighty verb that really stands out to people as they scroll through their feeds. The verb has to be both clear and concise. The whole idea of the CTA is to deliver a short, comprehensible, and appealing message.

Writing a blog or offering a newsletter? Use “send,” “subscribe,” or “get.”

Here’s a CTA Aquaspresso has on their blog homepage:

CTA example


Running an eCommerce website? Make sure to implement the verbs “buy,” “order,” “receive,” or “get” into your CTA button. Conquering the market with your SaaS service? Give people your “claim,” “get,” or “try” and similar commands to stimulate them.

“Learn more” is an alternative and engaging option for a CTA button, as well. Look how Shopify used this option in their Facebook ad for call to action:



Specific Product Callouts 

Mention the product your sale is targeting to help create the context of what you’re offering before people can find out more about it themselves. This way, potential customers will already have a rough picture of your product and, hence, feel more informed. Check out the Spotify CTA for their Premium Trial.



Spotify lets you know what they offer and how it will affect you. We consider it among the top call to action examples for sales. It’s only four words long but delivers a tremendous message.

A Promise of Benefits

Last but not least, you want to inform people about the benefits of your product. You want them to know why exactly they can’t miss your offer. Let’s consider the TreeHouse CTA.



The TreeHouse conversion page contains a simple call to action: “Claim Your Free Trial.”  The phrase “learn to code, gain a new skill, get a new job” explains how you can benefit from the service. Moreover, it reminds you about your personal goals, which is highly inspiring.

Effective Call to Action Phrases

Covering the theory of CTA is one thing. Now, you must analyze successful examples of call to action words and understand why they are effective.

“Create My _____ Now”

Snappa is a powerful tool for graphic design; their digital marketing team has mastered the art of CTAs. Why is this CTA button efficient?



There are several reasons why:

First things first: their CTA button doesn’t just say “sign up and try.” It states “create my graphic now.” While the direct product mentioning is a common practice, personifying your CTA by using  “my” puts an emphasis on your user’s experience in particular.

“Take the Product Tour”

“Find out more” and “about the product” can sometimes be stale CTAs. That’s why decided to go another way. Their CTA button invites users to “take the product tour.”



People are curious by nature; they are constantly striving for new discoveries. The product tour is an opportunity for adventure and exploration.

Tips on Creating Your Own Call to Action

As we have discussed, CTA writing is a matter of your marketing goals. However, there are some fundamental principles of a successful CTA you should stick to:

  • Be concise: People won’t find your long-winded CTA appealing. The shorter it is, the better.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment: Conventional CTAs such as “try for free” and “subscribe” will sure work to some extent, but there is always a room for creativity.
  • Keep it structured: Although we promote experimentation, we don’t suggest venturing too far away from the command – product – benefit sequence we have covered above. It’s a robust strategy and many sales call to action examples have proved it.



Closing Thoughts

A call to action is an exceedingly impactful tool that will amplify your ad copy, Facebook ads, and email campaigns.

With proper implementation, an effective call to action brings a fresh and refined touch to your product. Match your CTA button with your corporate identity, brand voice, and positioning to create a marketing secret weapon in your inventory.