5 Types of Content to Attract Massive Amounts of Traffic to Your Site

Today, web content has tremendous significance and value in terms of increasing traffic. It’s not the elaborate design or masterfully developed code that entices Google algorithms and human intelligence, but informative and comprehensive content that underlies the site’s validity, security, and sustainability.

This is why, upon discovering the importance of good website content, online marketers began nurturing the techniques of making their videos, images, and text compliant with online marketing standards as well as the criteria of the all-encompassing algorithm.

No matter how compelling the web content may be, it can still fail to appeal to the search machine algorithm as well as the human mind. However, there are certain types of content that can bring huge traffic to your website.

And this is what we are about to expound on in this article!

1. Videos

A video serves as a brilliant medium for addressing the customer through content, as users often prefer watching videos to screening text. Indeed, why bother scrutinizing a lengthy information block on a website if users can watch a short video that contains all the information they need to decide whether or not they want to deal with your service?

Moreover, when it comes to people who perceive information better with the help of auditory learning, videos are a great option to choose.

This all makes video content marketing quite a creative and effective practice for boosting your website traffic. And not only does video content make your website appealing to the customer, but it is also incredibly beneficial for your business regarding the Google SERPs. Videos increase the click-throughs from SERPS, bringing your website tons of traffic.

2. Infographics

This favored type of content provides users with exhaustive information in a neat and understandable package. Due to their convenience and comprehensibility, infographics account for nearly half the content viewed by users and are thus a lucky catch for online marketers.

Using infographics enables webmasters to hook readers twice as effectively as they would with a smart yet cumbersome article. Based on numerous studies, this type of content is liked and checked out by users on social media most often, which once again substantiates its relevance and great value.

sales manager infographic


To generate outstanding infographics, you can use some reliable tools like Canva and Visually, whereby you can organize your information into an inviting and coherent structure. Aside from their remarkable appeal to users, there’s another reason why infographics are so widely employed by webmasters – they provide websites with links that are hard to get otherwise.

3. Guest Posts

By having knowledgeable writers create a piece of content for your blog, you can largely increase your traffic, too. An engrossing, worthy post will not only drive users to your website but also be spotted by the Google algorithm. At first sight, it may seem that guest blogging is time-consuming and downright tiring, as you have to check meticulously the quality of every post you receive.

It can take a lot more than just skimming through the article – in many cases, guest posts do feature a good number of inconsistencies and other shortcomings that require a thorough revision from you.

However tedious and annoying this process may be, it’s still a lot more efficient and rewarding to overhaul some mediocre writer’s piece than write one by yourself. In this regard, make sure to contemplate guest blogging as one of the major ways of increasing traffic to your website.

4. Customer Reviews

For obvious reasons, some webmasters tend to dodge this traffic optimization practice, thinking that unfavorable customer feedback can harm their image and reputation. But what many solopreneurs fail to understand is that even negative reviews add to the credibility and transparency of their services.

Upon seeing some negative feedback from customers on your website, users will know that you aren’t concealing anything from your potential clientele and are open with them, following an honest way of doing business.

As for positive reviews, it’s all crystal clear here – showcasing positive feedback on your website will strengthen your reputation and score you some points with users. That being said, to make your online business skyrocket, it’s important to provide customer reviews on your website.

nimble customer reviews

But keep in mind that we mentioned posting unfavorable product reviews for a reason: by confining the customer feedback you provide to only rave reviews, you create an impression of a shady service.

In order to manage the customer relationship more efficiently, you can also consider one of the most widely acclaimed CRM providers in the industry, Nimble. This software enables business owners to develop a durable and innovative system of interacting with their customers.