5 Reasons Your Business Should Give More in 2015

Problems in Canada’s mining industry, falling wages and rising house prices are just a few of the reasons why businesses should give more during 2015. Customers need to be appreciated when they spend their hard earned cash.

Gifts from companies

A valued employee, a respected client, these are all people who would benefit from the occasional gift from a corporation. A very easy way to thank someone is with a gift basket from glittergiftbaskets.ca. If a member of staff feels valued, they will work harder, if a client feels that they are respected, then they might be inclined to put more business your way.

1. Global financial problems affect Canada

The recent shock news published by CBC that General Motors may pull away from Ontario has led to further fears concerning Canada’s growth in 2015. This news has heightened people’s fears about their own financial security. In fact in order to win back the public’s confidence Canadian companies will have to be seen to be listening to the public and improving their services.

2. Giving means responding to the needs of their employees

Listening to staff is just as important a gift as a physical present. Team building days are one way in which a major corporation can show employees that it cares, flexible working hours to incorporate the needs of working parents are also important. The American website Inc goes so far to suggest that unlimited holidays should also be on offer, though quite how this would work out isn’t certain. Richard Branson, the boss of Virgin, suggests that this act will show employees that their employer trusts them.

3. Communicate better

Customers and employees often complain that they aren’t listened to; therefore another gift for 2015 should be the gift of communication. There are even more ways than ever before for a company to communicate; yet most companies tend to resort to silence or a bland PR statement to explain any shortfalls in their products. Consumers aren’t stupid, and an explanation from a CEO in plain English would be always be welcome.

4. Be flexible

The business that’s intransigent and doesn’t see the necessity of flexibility won’t succeed in the tough environment of the 21st century. Businesses need to be more flexible to the needs of the consumer and the client, if you gain a reputation for flexibility, you will gain more business.

5. Kindness goes a long way

Kindness is not a sign of weakness. If your business is deemed to treat someone well and you go over and above normal business conventions, then you’ll soon reap the benefits of that act. Your praises will be sung by Twitter, picked up by the newspapers, and you’ll have more free advertising than your could dream of. Gifts don’t always come in square boxes; they also come in acts of generosity and kindness. You may well have to give more in 2015, but the conventional business guidebook is changing so rapidly that it’s time to go back to the basics.