Nimble Partners with Microsoft National Reseller NeoCloud to Deliver Simple CRM for Office 365

We are very excited to announce that Nimble has partnered with NeoCloud, a leading Microsoft managed cloud services provider to deliver a simple smart social sales and marketing CRM for Office 365 customers. Beginning this month, NeoCloud will bundle Nimble into all of its Office 365 deployments, enabling fast-growing small and medium customers as well as workgroups in larger organizations to access social business insights on any contact in Office 365 everywhere they work.  

Backed by NeoCloud’s expert assessment, training and support professionals, Nimble’s social sales and marketing CRM enables customer-facing teams and individuals to cultivate relationships in authentic and meaningful ways at scale.

Nimble Fills the Contact Management and CRM Gap by Layering on Top of Office 365 and GSuite

For the past few years, we have been turning Nimble into a solution that layers on top of business operating systems which today is either Google’s GSuite or Microsoft’s Office 365. The fact is that in order to manage their contacts, conversations, and activities successfully, companies have to purchase either or both of these platforms.

Use Nimble in Outlook

“Virtually all our customers need a simple relationship management platform that layers on top of the two key platforms we sell – GSuite and Office 365 – to centralize and share customer knowledge across the organization,” said Van Murray, CEO of NeoCloud.

Partnering with NeoCloud will allow us to help thousands of businesses to modernize their social sales and marketing, engage their customers in authentic and relevant ways, drive more sales, and increase productivity. Once business grow and their needs become more complex, Nimble will be there to support their needs and maximize your investments in the cloud by integrating with first party cloud-based solutions, including Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Outlook.