Hello, Nimble!

plane flying

OUR STORY I had the distinct priviledge to get to know Jon Ferrara on Twitter through Social CRM conversations and the #scrm hashtag. He told me about the startup he had created, Nimble. I was excited to learn more, and over the next couple of months, we took some time to talk and get to know each other. I had the pleasure of previewing Nimble early on, and had a chance to meet the wonderful Gilles Marchand also. The more I got to know the company, the vision and the team, the more I loved it. One day the stars aligned, and I decided to join the Nimble team.

Everyone who knows me told me that I was insane starting a new job, especially an early-stage startup, right before I leave for my wedding. Naturally, I decided to go against the grain and start right away, which is a testament to the passion I have for this product and Nimble’s vision. With all hands on board, I just couldn’t afford to wait; we have some very exciting initiatives coming up and are working extremely hard for a successful public launch. Why did Nimble grab me this much: enough to undergo two major life changes within a span of weeks? Simple! Nimble solves real life problems that I myself have. These are the problems experienced by social media individuals as well as teams of all sizes:

  • There are too many profiles and networks. Consider this scenario: you and I are friends on 5 networks, and we talk there all the time. How in the world do I know when and where we left off? And how do I know what else is going on in your social stream while I’m reading an email from you?
  • There’s far too much data. Listening to all of it and making sense of it is no trivial task.
  • There are action points in many social media posts and emails. I don’t know about you, but I start every day already drowning.
  • Furthermore, if  I create an action around a social message or email, how do I delegate, collaborate and share information with others on my team?
  • How do I listen and engage in all the social networks where I am active? How do I nurture relationships with people I know, and form new relationships with people I haven’t met yet.

Nimble has the answer to al of those, and I’m excited to be part of this team. What will I be doing? My role will remain somewhat similar to what I’ve always done:

  • I will be actively listening and engaging in all the social networks where Nimble’s customers, friends and partners hang out.
  • I will be blogging, writing e-books, making videos, tweeting, Facebooking, Plancasting, and linking on LinkedIn.
  • Through producing educational content, I’ll be building a community of professionals coming together to solve business problems.
  • I will be attending events, conferences and speaking all over the place. I’ll be there with hugs, taking pictures with you, answering your questions about Nimble or just talking about big picture social media stuff.
  • I’ll be collecting feedback to ensure a stellar user experienece, working with the product team on translating this feedback into product features.
  • Here’s a huge area of growth for me: I’ll be building a rockstar social media team. Contact me if you could see yourself as the Social Media Associate or Social Media Manager.
  • Among many other things 🙂

I’m excited to start work with Nimble, and to serve you, our customers and partners. You can always reach me via Twitter, connect with me on LinkedIn or email me at maria (at) nimble (dot) com. Stay social, stay Nimble!

Photo source: WTL Photos