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11 Black-Hosted Business Podcasts That You Need to Listen To

This Black History Month, we want to commemorate and show some love for our favorite Black-hosted podcasts! 

Expanding your perspective by getting educated on black professionals’ experiences in marketing, sales, and business is an amazing way to celebrate Black History and recognize the powerful achievements and perseverance of the Black community. 

We curated a list of 11 Black Podcast Hosts who are experts in business and entrepreneurship. These podcasts are a MUST to add to your queue. Listeners have the pleasure of hearing thought-provoking and insightful conversations that will elevate your professional and personal mindset. 

Black Entrepreneur Experience Podcast

Dr. Frances Richards is an expert in helping individuals in their relationship with food and eating while assisting them in gaining a positive self-image. Her dreams are to help 1000 women through her F.R.E.E framework (Feel Rejuvenated, Energized + Excited), visit luxury spas all over the world, and master the Tango in Argentina! Her podcast puts the spotlight on Black entrepreneurs, their experiences, and the risk they’ve taken throughout their entrepreneurial endeavors. 

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Journey to Launch Podcast

Jamila Souffrant has made a career out of educating individuals in personal finance so that they can gain financial freedom and stability. Her podcast, Journey to Launch, inspires its listeners through their personal finance journey and provides them with helpful resources to reach their goals. The podcast has gained substantial recognition over the years, being covered by Buzzfeed and Forbes with over 2 million downloads.

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Side Hustle Pro

Nicaila Matthews Okome was born in Jamaica and raised in the Bronx. She started her career as a marketer while growing her business and podcast as a side hustle. She has since turned her side hustle into a full-time career! Side Hustle Pro features Black women entrepreneurs who have successfully done the same. It has gained 3 million downloads and been recognized by the TODAY show and Mashable.

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The Courtney Sanders Show

Courtney Sanders is an entrepreneur, Top Millennial Speaker, and Women Empowerment coach. Starting from scratch, she grew to half a million dollars within 3 years and now coaches others in finance, digital marketing, and personal growth. Her podcast focuses on entrepreneurship, lifestyle, finances, and personal/spiritual growth. She shares her personal stories while shedding light on her guests’ narratives as well. 

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Smart Hustle Small Business Podcast

Ramon Ray is a highly esteemed Motivational speaker and founder of Smart Hustle Media. He uses his expertise in personal branding to help brands articulate their credibility to their audience. Smart Hustle Small Business Podcast features insightful conversations with successful business owners about various aspects of business management. 

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Support is Sexy Podcast

Elayne Fluker is the author of Get Over ‘I Got It’, named by Forbes as “Book of the Month”, and the host of Support is Sexy podcast with over one million downloads. Through her platform, she advocates for her audience to not only offer but accept support to empower themselves. Support is Sexy listeners can expect to hear her conversations with women of all backgrounds that are centered on accepting help and following her framework H.E.L.P has transformed their lives. 

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The Reset Podcast

Laura Mignott is the CEO and founder of DFlash Agency, a cultural communications agency. She is passionate about amplifying the voices of people of color in the public speaking space. Each episode of The Reset Podcast showcases an expert in business, marketing, tech, etc. for conversations about real-life scenarios. 

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Girl CEO Inc. 

Ronne Brown is an established author, speaker, and CEO of Girl CEO Inc. Through her business, she provides women entrepreneurs a community that provides resources, support, and guidance throughout their entrepreneurial and personal development. Her podcast is an extension of her company and gives women entrepreneurs a space to learn, accept their failures, and have fun.

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With a background as a radio and television personality, Monique Caradine-Kitchens uses that experience to help women spread their message. She coaches women on financial literacy and helps them level up their income. Sisternomics is all about giving marketing, business, and financial advice to Black women entrepreneurs who want to unlock the next level to their career and income.

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Science of Selling STEM

Wesleyne Greer has an impressive history as a sales trainer and STEM sales consultant. She has built a career around educating and training sales managers in the STEM field after noticing that there aren’t any sales training programs for STEM fields. The Science of Selling STEM is a podcast that features professionals from the STEM field who specialize in sales and marketing. In each episode, we learn about their experiences and lessons that they’ve acquired throughout their career. 

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Black Entrepreneur Blueprint Podcast

Jay Jones is an entrepreneur, investor, and founder of Black Entrepreneur Blueprint. BEB was developed to empower the Black community by supporting Black-owned businesses. Jay provides Black entrepreneurs with a blueprint to guide them through the development of a successful business. His podcast shares the same purpose as its namesake. It features interviews with established Black entrepreneurs’ successes, failures, and lessons learned. 

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While this blog is in honor of Black History Month, we acknowledge how important it is that these voices and narratives are recognized and heard year-round. These podcasters are seasoned and well-versed in all things business, marketing, and entrepreneurship while building an engaging rapport with their listeners. We’d love to know what your favorite Black-hosted podcasts are!