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Relationships make or break your business— and they’re hard to manage in our noisy world. We built Nimble to smartly combine all your contacts, email, social signals, activities, and follow-ups everywhere you work.

We deliver context and insights so you can be quick and agile at growing your business. You can be Nimble.

Smarter. Engagement. Faster.

Nimble filters out the meaningful from the insignificant. Our rich profile technology helps you connect with the people who matter to your business.

A logical outgrowth of insight. We help you develop relationships that are deeper and more authentic, not transactional.

Nimble makes it possible to manage 1000s of contacts seamlessly across multiple channels, delivering the intelligence you need in with no effort, in real time.

Keep Track… Of Everything.

Do you know who to reach out to today? And what to say when you do? With Nimble, the answer is yes and yes. With everything in one place, you can get connecting—smarter.

  • The Nimble Unified Inbox channels all your communications, including social, to one place.
  • With Stay in Touch reminder system and Mark as Important stars, you’ll always know when and how to reach out to your contact.
  • Front and center, see why Nimble thinks a contact is relevant— then take action immediately.
  • Set up and Save Searches—leave Google Alerts in the dust!
  • Nimble notifies you about meaningful events like birthdays and job changes.
  • See who’s talking about you—reach out and engage when the time is right.
  • Segment and Tag your contacts any which way—Nimbly!

Engage… Intelligently.

Use Nimble to inform your interactions with your contacts. Say the right thing at the right time. Nimble puts your contacts in context, so you know exactly who to focus on, and when.

The Rules Engine

Nimble learns from your behaviors and puts you in touch with the people you want to interact with now. You tell us, we deliver.

Today's Top Picks

Every day we show you contacts so you can mark them as Important. Then we invite you to schedule regular outreach.

Signals Tab

Monitor and respond to customer needs across all of your networks, or see just one social site at a time.

Stay in Touch

Set automatic Reminders to appear as often as you want them. Sort on Stay in Touch to see who needs attention. You need never be out of touch again.

Rock Your Workflow!

Contact insight where you want it, when you want it. With Nimble widgets in premium worktools like HootSuite, Gmail, and Outlook you can move seamlessly through your day.

In your Nimble or in other platforms, you can:

  • Manage Tasks
  • Schedule events and coordinate calendars
  • Set and receive Reminders
  • Find and engage targeted leads on social networks
  • Set outreach reminders on a regular schedule

Nimble is easy and intuitive—beginning with the seamless and immediate way Nimble serves up contextually relevant contact information right where you need it!

Contact Management for the 99%.

Nimble’s 3-D view of your contacts is automagic— not just names in a database. Complete social, email, and calendar history.

  • Nimble remembers the past, organizes the present, and anticipates the future of your relationships
  • Less Data Entry. Enter a name and email and watch the magic happen.
  • Richly-detailed records make it easy to nurture deeper, more authentic relationships.

“In social business, basics win the game. Everyone knows what they should do, but it's hard with all the noise. Nimble tells you who you should be talking to and automatically prompts you to do things you need to do.”

Jon Ferrara, Founder and CEO

Better business results with Nimble—
a relationship platform powered by context.

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